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    Help me join the glorious PC master race!

    Hello all, this is my first attempt at building a rig from scratch and I want to be 100% certain of what I'm getting myself in to. My goal is to run Guid Wars 2 and Total War 2: Rome (when it releases) on high to ultra, but I'd love to play Skyrim and Witcher on high settings as well. I am on a budget however (600-800$) so I realize this may not be possible. I originally started with this:

    But after some feedback on other forums, found that I had too much in the PSU and memory and not nearly enough in terms of GPU. So I did some research to try to better understand what these parts do and how they interact and came across what seemed to be a pretty solid budget guide on forbes which included the following:

    Both of these setups are nearly identical in price but it seems as though I'm getting a lot more for my money in the second one. I feel fairly confident in choosing it, but I want to run it by a few other people and make sure there are no obvious flaws I'm missing. Essentially, I want to know if this has any obvious bottleneck issues, if I would be able to run WvW at high to ultra without much framerate issue, and anything else that I would likely miss as a first time builder. Sorry I couldn't include actual links; I rarely post on any type of forums and I guess they have a spam problem here so I can't? I dunno, haha. Just remove the parenthesis.

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    Meh, to get a good build you would have to go down cpu wise on the build of the month ones (narwhal and unicorn) the 4770k is not even remotley woth the money for gaming. I would also skip the SSD if you're doing a budget build. Sure the super fast loading times are very convenient but they are not needed for a nice rig.

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    1) Please re-post this thread in the Computer Forums where you'll get proper advice: http://www.mmo-champion.com/forums/3...d-Upgrade-Help
    2) Please don't go by Chaud's Narwhal/Dolphin/etc builds, the options there are incredibly limited and there are even some typos/bad links in that post. Each build should be tailor-made to the user's budget, needs and factoring in specials/deals/etc. Chaud's builds don't really address that.
    3) Your second PCPartPicker link is a user-specific one, which we can't see because we're not you. You need to use a public link like the first one

    Cya in Computer Forums.

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