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    This! All off this. Those quests were amazing btw, and that Orc still sparks a tear because of his bravery.

    Gamon got tired of being beaten, so he took the challenge and now he is needed. As in everyone, is needed. It would be something else if indeed someone as Hogger would suddenly lend a charge against the Warchief, but that did not happen.
    My respect for Gamon grows with each passing second.

    And somewher Milhouse Manastorm is clenching a little gnome fist, gritting his teeth and mumbling, "Soon. Soon!"

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    I don't find Gamon much of a joke character. He was made that way in the fan's mindset, but was otherwise a nobody. Blizzard simply responded to the fact that Gamon is a popular character, and added him in the raid. It's not like his inclusion in SoO is lore-altering or affects anything in the future of the Horde. It's somewhat silly, but was done tastefully. There was a huge fan reaction when they discovered him fighting Kor'kron in Orgrimmar in 5.3, and a bigger reaction when they found out he had ultimately been captured. I find his inclusion fun.

    Overall, I hate it when intentionally silly characters are important from the first moment we meet them to the last moment we see them. The perfect example is Harrison Jones in Uldum. Instead of, oh, learning about the Titans or what the Tol'vir have been up to, or even a possible connection to the closeness of Ahn'Qiraj, or even learning about the Watchers in Uldum like we did in Storm Peaks...we got an Indiana Jones reference questline. It was funny seeing it once, but after realizing that was half the zone, and that was the only history we'd see in that zone, the fun disappeared instantly. The Ramkahen questline (aka, the other half of the zone) was mostly just dealing with current events. I minded this, very much.

    In comparison, Gamon's inclusion in SoO is just a nod to the fans and their feelings about him. It's less "Haha, look at this! This is silly!" and more of a light-hearted gesture from Blizz. Harrison Jones was meant to be a silly character and all of his quests are simply references. He has no seriousness about him from the moment we first met him in Zul'Aman, and then again in Grizzly Hills.
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    Quote Originally Posted by mysticx View Post
    What's the big joke about Gamon joining in the fight though?

    As an alliance player (So maybe i missed something, going to bother you with my opinion anyway :P ) i know two things about Gamon: he gets into a lot of fights and he lives in Orgrimmar, so when the biggest fight Orgrimmar has ever seen comes a-knocking it makes sense to me that he joins in...
    He is the joke.

    Whether Blizzard intended for him to be a comic relief character, he has become known as one.

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    Gamon should never be mentioned in the same context as Hogger. They are nothing alike. Gamon is not a joke character. He is an average Tauren who has evolved and leveled and matured with time just like every player in the game. Gamon will be a fine Warchief. Gamon has saved Orgrimmar from countless alliance raids and has often times proved even deadlier than Garrosh.

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    I love when Blizzard does this. They take something you take fro granted, and then turn it on it's head, either by making it funny, or in reverse, taking a joke, and showing a serious side to it.

    I hope they keep right on doing things like this, cause to me it's what sets Blizzard games apart from the norm.

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    it's not that bad i guess... but i wish they would keep it to a complete minimum. so far, they have. i'm pretty sure that gamon is the first of this.

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    I think Gamon would have been better if he had been Warmaster Blackhorn in Dragon Soul (and thus, his full name would be Gamon Blackhorn). It would have explained how he got so powerful in Cata (sold his soul to Deathwing), it would have made him a bit of a tragic figure (he turned to Deathwing because he was downtrodden and depressed and lonely that everyone always picked on him for no reason when all he wanted to do was to have a drink, and how nobody liked him), and would have ended his story. And it would have given a boss in DS some familiarity instead of "Oh yeah some random henchmen shows up".

    On a similar note I would have given Hagara more of a backstory; probably something related to her being in love with Thrall and bitter/jealous over him choosing Aggra, so she turned to the Twilight's Hammer to get power over the elements to show Thrall that she would be a better life mate. There would be a tragic scene when she's defeated of her apologizing to Thrall for what she's done.
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    First of all Gamon isn't a joke anywhere in game, its just something players have made into a joke.

    Secondly the entirety of WoW lore and fiction is essentially a Frankensteins monster of other (usually better) fictions. If there is a concept in here that seems completely new to you, chances are you just haven't experienced the original fiction its derived from. Tolkein Orcs and Elves fight Lovecraft 'Old Gods'. Seems obvious and not far off to have things like Harrison Ford in the game.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Faerillis View Post
    I see both of your zones with mediocre features to work with for lore and raise you Uldum; the story of how Blizzard wasted Titans, Tol'vir, and the Wind Elementals and Al'akir.
    And this, along with pretty much every other "revamped" vanilla zone, is why Cata was terrible. Instead of developing new content, they went back turned perfectly functional zones into immersion-breaking jokes and a world that, post Dragon Soul, actually looks more dated than it did before Cata.

    Dev A "Ok team, you know how a lot of the zones and quests in Wotlk don't make sense since Arthas is dead now? Well how about we make it so ALL OF VANILLA is like that once players kill Deathwing!"
    Dev B "Yeah that sounds great and all, especially the part about Deathwing, since, unlike Arthas, no one has EVER cared about him... but where do we go from here?"
    Dev A "Idk, blatant racism? There's another part of our "great regacy" that could use a refresh!"

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