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    Guardian or warrior wvwvw?

    fairly new to the game, and i really only play melee classes, ive tried the thief and it really just wasnt for me. So i decided upon picking up warrior or guardian. I just dont know which is better for wvwvw? be it dueling, sieging, team fighting, etc. Id be GS guardian. And GS/1h axe, shield warrior. Tips? advice?

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    I play staff/hammer Guardian in WvWvW and I like it, but that's not what you're aiming for.

    I have no Warrior experience, but I've fought Wars and this is my view: GS warrior can zerk something down, but you got to get on the target first. I do see them in havoc groups and some front line groups. A lot of warriors bring stuns these days, and getting stunned up by a Warrior is pretty frustrating.

    I see Greatsword Guardians as well. The pull is effective in fights. If you have the symbols heal trait then you can go crazy with GS while providing some healing for your WvWvW group. Most Guardians take Staff to WvWvW since speed boost access is very important, and line of warding is killer in certain situations.

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    I play a warrior and I like it. I use axe/mace as my primary weapons, for secondary you can use anything you want. I hear people complain that warriors are weak in pvp but I find them quite okay but then again I don't play in high end tournaments etc

    I use this build

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