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    A question about flex mode from hardcore progression raiders.

    Will you be doing flex modes alongside heroic mode every week? Also do you do lfr current, and if so, will you continue to do so in 5.4?
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    That is very poorly worded.
    What are we saying yes/no to?
    To if we want to do flex mode, or if we want to continue lfr?

    Im going to do flex, and not fucking touch lfr. They can die in their afking filth there, with there "lols this is lfr i don't need to do shit"-attitude :P
    No problem with it existing, but hell no i'm going to carry them
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    I'd rather put my balls in a grinder than run lfr and flex. Though I'm world rank 600 so idk if I count as hardcore

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    I will do flex if I need some OP trinket or finish up set bonuses.

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    I'd run the relevant bosses that drop upgrades for me.

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    Only if we get shit luck with tier bonuses or OP trinkets. We'll probably do it once for achieves when it's all open, but I doubt it'll be a regular thing.

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    prehaps a few times, but i dont wanna do it as part of regular progress.
    would burn out SoO too fast.

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    not that hardcore (9/12 hm) but I will run some lfr for tierset items or trinkets every now and then (like this patch) and will probably do one or two wings of flex when I have time to help our family and friends guildrun to have some fun and maybe get some loot.

    There are some MUST do everything guys in our guild and some who have never seen the inside of something starting with lf ever. But most are somewhere in the middle and just do it, when they want to
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    since we are a 10 man guild thus not every piece TF herioc gear like 25 man guilds and are only about 7/13 through HM ToT we will most likely do it for the first few weeks untill we step into heroic SoO.

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    Will likely run flex mode as a guild group during the first few weeks when we don't all have powerful trinkets and set bonuses. After heroic progression starts though I don't see us fitting in in regularly. Maybe on alts?

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    You probably want to put some variation in your question - I can see hardcore guilds running flex mode the first 2 or 3 weeks. But after 2 or 3 weeks of normal mode clears + however many heroics you get through, it'll only be necessary for overpowered 4 piece/trinkets/weapons. And at that, not everyone will need every wing.

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    Plus, they're releasing flex mode wings on a delayed schedule (not as slowly as LFR, although neither will likely be available the first week). So I don't necessarily see it as that huge of a time sink for those world's first guilds, although they may disagree with me. If LFR isn't even open until week 3, and when it opens it's just the first wing...

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    Really depends on the class as to whether the trinkets are worth it or not same as it's been for the last tiers.

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    I'll probably do flex on main for first few weeks, and after that only on alts, so generally no.

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    I won't run Flex because only bads run Flex. I only run Heroic raids, no need for progression. I go from greens to Heroic ToT straight up. Progression is for baddies. /s

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    Flex > lfr combined with being able to get my achievements for meta from flex means I'll be running flex and never see LFR again(as soon as I have my tier).

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    Quote Originally Posted by marthsk View Post
    I won't run Flex because only bads run Flex. I only run Heroic raids, no need for progression. I go from greens to Heroic ToT straight up. Progression is for baddies. /s
    I was about to reply angrily until I finished reading hihi

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    Will do flex under the following conditions:
    1) I/we need some OP trinket
    2) I/we need to finish out a set bonus
    3) Meta achivs

    Otherwise, no. And HELL no to LFR.

    We're sitting around 548-550 ilvl, and Flex is only 540, so it may prove useful for those few hard-to-fill slots in the opening weeks, but I don't see it being a long term thing, ever.

    Great for alts, though!
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    Would only do it if there was some OP trinket or setbonus that I really wanted to get.

    Other than that, I'm for sure gonna do it once progress is over to get the meta achievements.

    Oh, and possibly for some alts, but thats more likely to be organized by some smaller "friends" group. It's not gonna be a scheduled guildraid if so obviously.
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    Its main usefulness to progression raiders would be gearing up alts for more optimal class stacking on certain fights.
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    I'm so looking forward to flex mode. Being able to run SoO with friends and carry them on my all powerful main. I unlike others enjoy playing with my friends and usually do old raids with friends outside of normal raid times. 13/13hc for 2 months now.

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