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    If you're at 13/13 now and getting mostly 549, running Flex won't give you any upgrade since you probably won't be able to valor upgrade at the start. The only thing that could be an upgrade in there would be trinkets.

    That's for the gear part though, which is what I guess this question is aimed for.

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    I'll likely do flex for a while, but not LFR.

    There's really zero reason to do both. Heroic ToT is 535/541, and nearly everyone will have all their gear fully upgraded before the patch which makes it even an even bigger gap. But even if you have a normal mode item for some slot, you're still looking at it probably being 530 since it's upgraded, and since you're likely to have better things to spend valor on than upgrading LFR items, a 528 from SoO LFR is not going to be useful -- moreso since it won't come out for a few weeks after the tier, so you'll have SoO normal/heroic items to upgrade with the valor you carry over from 5.3.

    The only exception would be a trinket or something if it was significantly overpowered for your spec, but even then, you're not going to run all of LFR - just do one wing in lieu of some scenarios to cap valor.

    Technically, doing flex will be mostly pointless after the first couple weeks too, moreso the further progressed you are (if you clear normals week 1/2 and start in on heroics, by the time flex is fully open, you'll likely only need an item or two that would be worth downgrading your item level for, if that). After that, flex will be a 100% alt activity, like LFR is now.
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    Wont ever touch LFR again, depending on how the flex lockouts work I assume we will probably just have premade split groups within our regular 2 x 25m groups if we need to farm something specific. Otherwise I'll use flex purely to getting any legendary items before main raid or metas.

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    For alts Flex will be great since it opens faster than LFR. But if SoO is anything like ToT the weapon/armor models I'm chasing after are going to be in LFR and Flex, not Normal and Heroic.

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    First few weeks? Probably. Tier and trinkets, etc.
    Every week? Good lord no.

    I'll likely do it on an alt, if at all.

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    It will be nice having alt raids again. LFR lacks the challenge and coordination, but normal requires gear that not everyone has. Go flex!
    Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment
    you're likely wrong, and we don't care anyway.

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    Why? Most heroic raiders are 545-550. Flex is 540. Heroic raiders will clear normals in 1-2 weeks, which is 553.

    There's no reason for them to go into flex on their mains.
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    Quote Originally Posted by tyrindor View Post
    Why? Most heroic raiders are 545-550. Flex is 540. Heroic raiders will clear normals in 1-2 weeks, which is 553.

    There's no reason for them to go into flex on their mains.
    You can upgrade thoes 2x, so 550 ilvl on those items.

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    I am currently 13/13HC

    I have not touched LFR on my main for ages.

    When it comes to new tier, it will depends. Flex raid ilvl is 540, currently I am mostly 543. Anything non-tier and not trinket, I won't bother. Trinket, will depends, how good are the new trinket (even if lower ilvl, for trinket ilvl are not everything), if the new trinkets are good even on similar ilvl, I will run Flex raid for it (then upgrade it), if even upgraded not as good as current, then I won't bother. Tier, I won't bother going for them at start, but if I am 3/5 pieces and needed 1 more for 4pc bonus, then I would run Flex to try for the last piece.

    Weapon got HC TF so won't bother, especially new weapon you lose that socket from Prince, so I am not sure how will the stat allocation be like.

    If not in need of missing tier for set bonus or good trinket, then no I won't run it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Faylo View Post
    You can upgrade thoes 2x, so 550 ilvl on those items.
    Upgrades are disabled on the PTR and they haven't said yet if we will be able to upgrade. Most likely we won't be able to until 5.5. Also, 540 upgrades to 548.

    Plus, flex doesn't get released right off the bat as far as I know. It will be unlocked faster than LFR, but the first week will be strictly Normals and Heroic modes. The 2nd week will probably only be the first 4 bosses on Flex. Which means, normals would be cleared first week and no heroic raiding guild will focus on flex mode over heroic progression.

    The only time I plan to step foot into Flex is to finish the meta achievement. It will be great for that.
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    As an ex Hardcore raider I like the idea of Flex mode.

    Do progression on your mains with your 10/25 man guild on Heroic like usual.

    Then during non raid days you can just randomly go into Flex mode with 10 to 25 of your guildies or friends outside the guild to gear up alts.

    I think that there should be a loot lockout. So if you kill Heroic Garrosh you then can't get loot from Garrosh in Normal, LFR and Flex that week. Just so Hardcore raiders aren't forced to run lower difficulty raids in order to keep up with other guilds.

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    you'll have to anyway, in order to get a 4 piece or a trinket.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Faylo View Post
    You can upgrade thoes 2x, so 550 ilvl on those items.
    Even if valor upgrades are available at start of 5.4 why spend valor on Flex gear when you could get Normal drops? Unless there's a weapon or trinket that'll be OP to get from the first wing then nothing will be that huge of an upgrade considering you'll just replace it when the Normal version drops.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mionelol View Post
    whatever will drop op trinkets i guess?
    And tier sets.

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    It is simple. I will run LFR untill it yields no more improvement for me. I will run Flex until it yields no more improvement for me. I will run Normal until I can run heroic. I will run heroic untill the next expansion. Simple plans.
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    I don't care that other people don't play the content that I enjoy.

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    I will do anything that increases my character power, even if at times grudgingly.

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    Those damn Cleave trinkets did 30% of my damage on Garrosh. If a trinket is a 15% damage increase, all serious raiders are gonna run every mode to get their hands on it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Terridon View Post
    That is very poorly worded.
    What are we saying yes/no to?
    To if we want to do flex mode, or if we want to continue lfr?

    Im going to do flex, and not fucking touch lfr. They can die in their afking filth there, with there "lols this is lfr i don't need to do shit"-attitude :P
    No problem with it existing, but hell no i'm going to carry them
    Your attitude is why people are stuck in LFR.
    LFR does not have the fixed time requirements that are a huge barrier to traditional raiding for people who have a less convenient real life than you do.
    Get over yourself.

    What flex does is offer something similar to normal, with a similar time scheduling requirement at least for the minimum needed to start it, with ONLY a flexible roster number changing. It is really normal format in most respects.
    All it does over normal is allow loose ends, people who would be benched, turn up late etc to get into a raid they otherwise would not be able to when it would be full.
    It could potentially allow those otherwise unable to commit due to time issues to get in for at least some of the content, possibly as little a 1 boss but people with such arrogant attitudes as yourself are too short-sighted to see possibilities like that.

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    Maybe not every week, but I'd do it for the ezmode achievements.
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    RPG is non-canon by default. (MickyNeilson)

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    It's cross-realm, so I'll most likely do flex with friends from other realms for fun.
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