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    So I keep hearing that after certain ills and trinkets affliction pulls ahead of destro. This is my characteréamo/advanced should I be respeccing and learning affliction?

    I do relatively well i guess as destro. With my dps on our last hc jinrokh kill at 220k fights like Megaera it's hovering around 188k but fights like durumu or twins its pretty bad around 140k I assume this is just because of the spec being not so good at single target unless you can time CDs around the pools like on jinrok.

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    I guess you could just try it!
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    Because it is a good expansion, and it's no different to any other expansion in terms of quality. Yeh, I said it, cos it's true.(WoD)
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    Now tell me what is the ratio of DPS to healers? 1:18 right? I pulled these numbers out of my ass, but they’re probably very accurate.

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    Your gemming is bad, please fix.

    You have the legendary meta and no UVLS trinket, aff will be strongest.

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    idd. your pure int gems need to be replaced and you could easily go down a bit in haste to the 9778 haste breakpoint and then the rest into mastery.

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