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    DK class slowly dying?


    Last night I was browsing among some top 50 guilds and noticed that they max have 1-2 Dks playign while they have 4-5 mages, rogues etc. and I got me thinking? are people quitting because dks overall aint that good class anymore? Esp since seeing PTR Loggs Dks seem to be by far the worst melee when it comes to ST and AOE.

    or Am I completly wrong?

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    Ironic choice of title.

    Less spammy response: DKs are lower middle of the pack, per raidbots. Probably aren't being invited to top 50 guilds because... They just aren't a top class.
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    There is no reason to bring DK over other melee class.
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    There are more important things for Death Knight's to do than just raid all the time.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Youarefired View Post
    There are more important things for Death Knight's to do than just raid all the time.
    I know, they should be working on soloing more of t14 before they even think about going into a real raid.

    As already stated, they're in the middle of the pack. Could be worse, could be better. They're picked less simply because there are other people who do their job better. Can't always win, but I will admit they're in a somewhat bad situation.

    Here's to 6.0 Rise of the Dks?

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    How representative are top 50 guilds (unless you are in one and get benched as a trend)? And theat still doesn't show a dying class. I guess you should look at a census across all players. Wasn't rogue the by far least played class?

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    DK are in a really shitty spot both PvE and PvP. And with almost 0 changes incoming I don´t see that changing. Just go mage the forever OP class.
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    There is no 25hc guild without at least 2 DKs. Granted, Lei Shen is probably the only reason for that...

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    There is a thread already devoted to our current issues, really don't need a thousand topics on what people think is wrong with us. This is what this thread has quickly became. Locked.

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