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    New Online Store Questions..


    With this new epic 100% xp buff potion my questions are as follows.

    1- Does it stack with BOA bonus xp, or absorb it, intergrating it into the 100%.
    2- Will it stack with the recruit a friend bonus?
    3- Does it stack with the monk dalit xp bonus?

    Thank you all and have a wonderful day

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    anyone? just curious on my end

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    Most likely stacking, but as a multiplier of the original XP gain before bonuses.
    It will not double that earned after other bonuses, but increase the amount you earn in addition to other bonuses.

    Say you have the potion and 2 heirlooms at 10% each.
    Earn 100 XP, and you get instead 100 (original), 100 (elixir), 10 (heirloom 1), 10 (heirloom 2) for a total of 220 XP.

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    From my time messing about with it on the PTR. It does appear to stack with all other forms of XP buffs that I've been able to test thus far.

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