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    Patch 5.4 - In-Game Store, Patch 5.4 Mage Glyphs, Blue Posts, Blue Tweets, DLC #400

    Jaetch's Archon Guide, New Affixes Among Future Content, Blue Posts, Gamescom 2013: Stage Activities

    Fireside Chat Reminder, Leeroy Jenkins Strategy

    Activision Blizzard Q2 2013 Call is at 1:30 PM PST / 4:30 PM EST on Thursday

    Patch 5.4 - In-Game Store
    The In-Game Store is live on the PTR with a free test currency, and the Enduring Elixir of Wisdom is finally obtainable.

    The buff works from level 1 to 89, lasts one hour, persists through death, and only counts down while you are online. The potion is consumed on use.

    Patch 5.4 - Mage Glyphs
    Patch 5.4 adds three new minor glyphs for mages, all of which modify the Water Elemental.

    Level Type Name
    25Mage Glyph Glyph of Unbound Elemental
    25Mage Glyph Glyph of Evaporation
    25Mage Glyph Glyph of Condensation

    US Thursday Maintenance
    Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker)
    We will be performing scheduled maintenance beginning on Thursday, August 1, at 02:00 AM PDT and we expect the service to be available again at approximately 08:00 AM PDT. During this time the game will be unavailable for play.

    Blue Posts
    Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment
    Epic Item Prestige
    I don’t think this will change any time soon but I must say that I sympathize with what you’re saying, This isn’t a “special snowflake syndrome”. Sure, there might be a little bit of that involved, but it’s mostly a matter of perception, and perception is a very important factor in driving motivation.

    If a colour is associated with rarity, that colour becomes important by itself, and that’s something that only the most old school players probably understand, still feel, or miss.

    What I’m saying is, there was a time when having 1 single purple item was something absolutely amazing, they were not only the very best items but they were also incredibly rare.

    That rarity was a consequence of a combination of many things:
    • Raids were hard to get into.
    • Only a very small minority was actually able to raid.
    • Players were much less skilled than they are nowadays, so killing raid bosses was done at a much slower pace. Content was also updated much less frequently.
    • Apart from the very first 40man raids (Molten Core, Ony), the chance of getting any epic items at all was incredibly small (world drop BoEs)

    So the colour purple meant two things, extreme power and rarity. But the game soon evolved, more raids were introduced, and all these new items that came with it were epic.

    Nowadays purple means power, rarity hmm… not so much, maybe at the very beginning of an expansion.

    But you see, that’s exactly the same that happened in vanilla, the only difference was that raids were a lot less accessible and less diverse (so, less overall chance of getting raid drops), and the patch turnaround with new raid content was much slower, which means, less availability of epic items. There were also no catch up mechanics set in place, so players had to go through all the clearly defined gearing paths of green-blue-purple (quests, 5man, 10man, 40man), and also follow a progression path with raids ZG/MC, Ony, BwL, Naxx.

    We don’t want to restrict raiding again to <1% of the player base, and that’s the only way to go back to purple being rare again. Reducing LFR gear to blue wouldn’t make a big difference, there’s plenty of other sources of high ilvl gear that would need to be changed to blue, and even if we did that and only normal + heroic would drop epics, we would never have the same level of rarity as in the old days, content is just so much more diverse, more regularly updated and players are way more skilled. (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

    Patch 5.4 Arena Changes
    With this system, and how the wow community is nowadays, why would I even want to play with my friends I might lose with?
    If you’re afraid to play rated games with your friends because you don't want to lose matches or rating, then I'm afraid that there is not a lot that can be done to help you with that. The possible losses caused by playing with lesser skilled friends is the same as now though, if you leave your current team to play with some friends and you end up losing, your MMR will drop, which is the key number that matters and influences the way your personal and team ratings change.

    If you want to play with friends without a fear of losing rating in the process, then I would recommend playing wargames. We're also looking into bringing back skirmish arenas which will help in this regard, but sadly we have no date set for when they will return.

    how do YOU think that community will act towards a person who got twice as much losses than wins in arena
    It won't be much different to how it is now for finding partners. If you’re a 1500 player, then generally you're going to greatly struggle finding a 2400+ team that is likely to take you on. Same goes for in 5.4, with a personal rating of 1500 and low win rate you're going to be looking for people with similar ratings or stats. If you're aiming to get partners above your personal level, it won't be easy, finding partners that are around your level and improving yourself with them is the best way to get teammates.

    [i] Just going to address this concern here; for those that queue with people who have a low ratings to fight weaker opponents, the players with higher ratings won't get much, if anything, out of those matches. This is because their own personal ratings are above their teams and opponents average.

    Additionally, almost all rating exploits in the past have involved some sort of win trading or a loophole in the system itself. We've plugged up any of the loopholes that we've encountered, and due to the higher volume of players in the Arena pool that will be created from the region-wide matchmaking, there will be significantly less opportunity for win trading. (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

    Blue Tweets
    Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment
    The fact that the Alliance gives the Horde Org back with no concessions or reparations suck
    It's an important Jaina vs Vyrian moment. Who is to say the High King made the right call? (Source)

    We ever going to find out why Taran Zhu has it in for the Alliance? The Horde we can see...but he is so wrong about so much.
    His goal is to protect Pandaria. He can be a bit xenophobic since outsiders can empower the Sha. (Source)

    Do you feel the LORE of Mists could have been stronger? Don't know why we did HoF and ToT, other than, "lets kill stuff!"
    What was your motivation behind killing Illidan or Ragnaros? (Source)
    Story in that expansion was very compelling. Arthas had a lot of backstory revealed. Scourge felt threatening.
    Maybe, though I find it hard to separate what LK taught us vs. what many of us already knew about Arthas from the RTS games. (Source)

    we had a reason to want to fight them. no reason to want to kill lei-shen except blizz saying we should.
    Arthas, Illidan and Deathwing are easy because many remember them from the RTS days. Illidan was barely present in BC. (Source)
    especially since some get outright ignored like Sabellian. i feel like you all forgot who he is.
    That particular case is more that we have a cast of 1000s and can't bring them all out every expansion. (Source)

    Will the vale turn back to its original state after the whole siege? Seeing all those big black blobs makes me a bit sad.
    To be fair, it's supposed to make you sad. (Source)

    I have a feeling that y'shaarj is the true baddie in this expansion amirite?
    He is dead. (Source)

    I'm so sad that Nazgrim gonna die
    It's tough because it's always more emotional when you care about the characters involved. The alternate though is not to care. (Source)

    what exclusive is there then? Ra-den isn't story relevant. we've never seen him or heard of him
    That you initially don't know who he is or how he fits in is WHY he is story relevant. (Source)
    Mogu. Titan. Old god. Sha. Mantid. All these things are connected. (Source)

    Sometimes it's too obv how little you care about the story/lore of the game.
    We care ENORMOUSLY about the story and lore. But we care about gameplay more. (Source)

    Will the Alliance receive compensation lore wise (Doesnt have to be in game) after SoO?
    They just conquered their enemy's capital. What compensation are you looking for? (Source)
    Do Allies gain NOTHING from this war except tens of 1000s dead and their lands stolen? Not even in lore? Goblins keep Azshara
    Garrosh is the real problem, not the trolls and goblins. (Source)
    Lore-wise we could say that zones changed hands but wouldn't it be lame once you visited them and saw that was not the case? (Source)
    It's always a challenge doing a lot of work just for lore reasons unless it comes with awesome gameplay too. (Source)
    shouldn't multi-billionaire devs be relishing a challenge rather than cowering away from it??
    Or one can argue WoW has been successful because the developers made the right choices about where to focus.... (Source)

    Like making the Horde back out of Gilneas and Ashenvale?

    I'm a gameplay designer. So what gameplay is there in losing leveling zones for Horde? (Source)
    If Alliance players had some interesting way to spend time there, that would be different. (Source)

    1st Dwarfs are on the bubble of MOP release then models may make it during MOP. Now it's "they take months" among others.
    We never said that. Players just inferred it and got too excited. It makes us have to be careful with what we say. (Source)

    Hi, do you have any thoughts yet about 5.0 Challenge Modes for next x-pac?. Will they still be in-game or replaced with new?
    Our thought at the moment is to keep the older ones relevant (they do scale) and add new ones. (Source)

    Here's a teaser I understand if you don't answer; do you think avoidance on gear is going to make it to 6.0?
    I don't expect it will work the day it does today. (Source)

    any public word u can offer up on the future of sunsong farms in future expansions?
    We don't want you to feel like you have to go visit it forever. It's a MoP feature. It will still be there for you though. (Source)

    OpenRaid Event: Icy Veins vs Midwinter Tier 14 Race
    Icy Veins will be leading a Horde team and Midwinter will be leading an Alliance team in a race through Tier 14 content on Saturday. Only a few players will be from the groups, as the rest will be filled with regular players. If you are interested in participating, sign up soon!

    Dark Legacy Comics #400
    DLC #400 has been released.

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    Unfortunately an error resulted in the loss of the comments from the first few hours this post was up. Sorry about that!

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    Woohoo, in-game store!!!

    Yeah! O'kay!

    PS: Am I doing it right?

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    You are doing that correctly.
    the PHP Enchanter at Curse, Inc.

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    Oh oh. That store thing is real after all!!!

    Let the flames begin!!!

    ****It SHOULD be disabled for 1-2 weeks once an expansion is released. After that, knock yourself out in the virtual money waste. Nobody will care.****

    PS: I don't mind as long as it remains exp. boost and such thing only.

    PStwo: I hope the unbound water elemental will have that annoying "bubbling sound" removed... or just glyph it already...
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    Wauw, a one hour duration on those elixirs. Really curious on what the pricetag / currency will be.

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    So basically it is the rare drop from the add in the Dread Wastes, except it is 4 levels more but isn't re-usable like the rare drop.......

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    1 hour duration for 100% more xp. Taking into account how blizzard prices stuff these days like mounts 25 bucks or transmog hats 12 bucks I say it will go for ....2 bucks each. Yeah that sounds about right. Or maybe they are generous and it'll go for 1 buck.

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    Since it is only 1 hour I am really curious as to the pricing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chisa View Post
    1 hour duration for 100% more xp. Taking into account how blizzard prices stuff these days like mounts 25 bucks or transmog hats 12 bucks I say it will go for ....2 bucks each. Yeah that sounds about right. Or maybe they are generous and it'll go for 1 buck.
    Considering how greedy they've become I'd wager more like $10.

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    I'd probably buy an XP buff item, but I think 1 hour is far too short.

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    Well at least I know now I won't be spending any money on this item. Would have easily dropped 25 bucks for something that have 100% exp killing stuff to all toons up to 89 account wide and it didn't expire but to pay money for something I can farm for in game? Blizzard has got to be joking.

    Also Krol's is better his potion gives 300% xp time it properly with a bunch a dungeon quests completed that just need to be turned in and whoo that's a lot of fun.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Necrot View Post
    Wauw, a one hour duration on those elixirs. Really curious on what the pricetag / currency will be.
    Knowing Blizzard, $15, or maybe your soul. It'll be something outrageous, I'm sure.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dirk123 View Post
    So basically it is the rare drop from the add in the Dread Wastes, except it is 4 levels more but isn't re-usable like the rare drop.......
    That rare drop is not re-usable and it wears off if you die

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    If the price is reasonable, I'll be buying them for that 85-90 grind. Blech.

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    You people talking about greed. Do you go to Target, buy a glass, then bitch at the register how greedy they are that you have to buy a drink separately? Go to a movie, then bitch that you have to buy snacks separately (although the price is surely greedy, you don't complain about the reality of separate purchase).

    Blizz isn't a philanthropic organization (primarily), looking to give away as much as possible in the interest of the players. They give us a lot, considering when WoW came out free content didn't exist. You got patches, and expansions. They are a business, focused on making money by walking the line between what they charge for, what they give away, and what they charge extra for. You should be happy it isn't like many others MMO's nowadays that charge for *anything* that isn't a patch or fix.

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    I wonder if this Enduring elixir of wisdom is going to be a one time use thing or if its going to be something with infinite uses and cost like 30 bucks

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    Stacks up to 5 times? O.O
    So I can reach a 500% exp boost only with the item, maybe it also stacks with the elixir droped form that rare in dread wastes?

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    Clearly it will stack with the leveling gear so 160% xp would be amazing.

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    An error? We just had a great discussion about the way blizzard is heading with WoW, everyone agreed, and then mysteriously the thread disappeared.
    Since when did mmo-c started to censor everything that is anti-blizzard?

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