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    Ghostcrawler is the scapecrab for lots of forum posters. No, he won't lose his job unless there is catastrophic turmoil at Blizzard (or unless he decides to jump ship himself.)
    "There is a pervasive myth that making content hard will induce players to rise to the occasion. We find the opposite. " -- Ghostcrawler
    "Almost every time I have gotten to know a critic personally, they keep up with the criticism but lose the venom." -- Ghostcrawler
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    Quote Originally Posted by Shiny212 View Post
    I don't think he should be fired, but you're stupid if you think GCs decisions haven't affected the amount of subs. Largely the work of GC has been bandaids to add as many players as possible in the short-term, but now as we approach the long term, people are quitting, yeah in large part because of things implemented by GC and his crew.
    And what if the changes actually reduce the decline of numbers? What if the changes he made did not happen and larger numbers may have quitted? You did not agree with his changes, that is fine. I did not agree with some of his changes either.

    But no one will know what happened if he did not make any changes. The main chain of though is that he made changes and numbers still fell. So if he did not make those changes then those numbers would not have fallen. Well, perhaps if he did not make those changes the numbers could have even fallen faster.

    Only Blizzards knows how many people left and what kind of the players these were, even if these players did not give any reasons for leaving, I am sure Blizzards can datamine their play habits. From this, they can determine what type of players were leaving and responds to those data.

    We, the forums posters, can only speculate and concoct our own reasons from the very little facts or rumors that we have. And like it not, we can also be very very wrong. Something that some seems to refuse to accept.

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    GC is good at his job, hes just not good at creating an immersive and challenging MMO.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Rhamses View Post
    So GC should be fired for things out of his control?


    The sub loss was going to happen regardless of what Blizzard did. You can't capture lightning in a bottle twice. Those of you who gripe about WoW's changes don't seem to realize that without those changes, WoW's subs would be in the 1 million range at this point.
    Pretty much this. Don't get me wrong, GC has said some things that make me think he's a total fool. I certainly don't always agree with him, especially on the PvP side of things. I wouldn't be in the least bit upset if he did get replaced. To be fair, I usually agree with his LFR related posts and whatnot, saying that the game can't cater to only a small portion. But to pin the sub loss on any one man is absurd. He's only got so much influence, lead or not. Besides, as the OP admitted himself, the game is aging. Most people who'd want to play WoW would've by now, so the fresh blood is dwindling. Especially now that there's more competition and cheaper options out there. It's a different market.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Osmeric View Post
    Ghostcrawler is the scapecrab for lots of forum posters. No, he won't lose his job unless there is catastrophic turmoil at Blizzard (or unless he decides to jump ship himself.)
    GC is one of many wow developers, he just happens to be the most in touch with the community. He doesn't have the final say on decisions, and most of WoW is a group effort. Being in touch with what the community wants is more of the job of the CM. They are the ones who come and tell the devs what they think the players want (and not just the forum posters). If they think that people really do want a "darker" WoW (this includes the parents of the teenagers who play WoW) then you can expect that the lore team will have WoW move in that direction (or at least have WoW explore that part of the lore)..

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    You guys whining about balance now don't know how it was in vanilla and BC.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Seefer View Post
    The mans only experience in video games is Age of Empires, for him to come across as a condescending prick that he knows what is best for the game than the people who actually play the damn thing is what I dislike about him, hell he said game play over lore! So hey let's make a game that we can't balance, class choice is becoming irrelevant because of all the homogenization, where the game play was better 2 expansions ago..................WITH A CRAP STORY! Great idea Greg!
    Do you think more people play this game for the game or the lore? I haven't seen statistics, but my money is on gameplay. So let's look at your gameplay concerns.

    Of course they can't perfectly balance the game. There are 34 specs. That being said, almost none of them are "unplayable", and in normal mode raiding none of them are "unplayable". Yes, there are optimal classes, but perfection is not possible without them being identical. What area of the game are you talking about balance in?

    How many classes have you raided current content - heroics, not just normals - with at 90? If you are playing the classes correctly, there is a huge difference in feel between the different healers, most of the tanks, most ranged dps, and most melee. Do rogues and windwalkers both use energy? Yes. Does there gameplay feel interchangeable? No, even though they are probably the most similar of any.

    Complaining about balance and homogenization at the same time is a bit of the old "wanting your cake and eating it too" saying. They pull in different directions, and they do a great job with it. Starcraft has been credited with having great balance while avoiding homogenization, but that's with only 3 races. One of the popular MOBAs is a better comparison. League is insanely popular, but there are clearly crap heroes each patch, and the game gets patched regularly. They are also less complex, but can't get the balance perfect. Perfect balance is not achievable without perfect homogenization.

    In my opinion, the gameplay was not better in wrath. Quite a personal opinion of course, as is yours, and neither of them are anywhere near ubiquitous.

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    I'm not sure about Ghostcrawler being the sole source for wows sub loss. The direction the game is taking or has taken is cause for concern though


    The biggest factor affecting World of Warcraft at the moment is the story and it's design. It's laughable, terrible and all around shocking that someone like Metzen, once hailed a god of game writing in the RTS days, can still be in a job after the cringe worthy job he has done with both Cataclysm and MoP (to a lesser extent Wrath)

    How can people bash GC when there is a far bigger problem in wow, that of Metzen and his writers. Seriously I'm praying they bring in a big name writer for the next expac and just let Chris Metzen oversee the whole process, but through some miracle not have any input at all.

    Of course this is my opinion, in a thread of wide ranging opinions, but his recent form in all the games blizzard has released lately have been beyond poor and the player base in those games is suffering because of it. Especially WoW....
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    I think he is doing a great job, but at the same time, I feel sorry for him. The people on the forums are absolutely retarded. Just looking at the front page tells me at how stupid the people Ghostcrawler responds to are.

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    So as usual Greg Street gets blamed for all that is wrong with WoW. So another question could be should they get rid of Ion Hozzicostas because of the state of Dungeons and Raids or Dave Kosak because of the terrible questing or maybe Cory Stockton because of how terrible Pandaria is and for sure they need to get rid of Brian Holinka because of the terrible state of PVP? Of course you have people overseeing the whole thing like Tom Chilton and J.Allen Brack. The game is developed by a team so I highly doubt Blizzard thinks the current state of WoW is down to Greg Street.

    On a side note I levelled a Ret Pally up during Vanilla and TBC while Jeff "Tigole" Kaplan was overseeing systems and it was horrendous, things improved greatly for a lot of specs when GC arrived

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    Quote Originally Posted by Seefer View Post
    hell he said game play over lore!
    I see nothing wrong with that and am honestly surprised anyone would.

    I'd estimate nearly every single one of their seven million players cares about gameplay.

    I don't know what percentage cares about lore, but it's significantly less than that.

    And of those people, I am willing to bet that most don't want lore to trump gameplay in general design philosophy (although they might support some minor instances of it, like race/class combos).
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    Greg Street isn't a dictator giving orders on what will and will not happen in WoW. He comes up with ideas and they are filtered through a design team, a lore team, a bunch of other people too, probably. Haven't you ever heard the devs talk about their infamously long meetings and brainstorming sessions? I don't think one single person has direct say over what happens in the game. When WoW is great, it's because it was a team effort. When it fails, they fail as a team.

    That doesn't mean that GC is the best option for leading his side of the time though, although I've generally been happy with his decisions (at least the ones we know for fact were his decisions). I don't think he'll be fired, nor that he should.

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    Nope dont see why he should .ok the guy is lead designer but also the poor gobshite that has too sit there and post all this on the forums do interveiws etc.

    No wonder he,s looking depressed during them so would you if you had 2 million keyboard warriors bitching at you everyday for something .he will never please everyone but he,s pleased the majority that and is more known and therefore easier to make a scapegoat for the above meantioned keyboard warriors .

    Yes he has them times where he posted something and i,m fit to strangle him but 90 percent of it makes sence he,s pleasing the majority simple as .but hey dont take my word for it its not like you already havent got the lynching mob complete with pitchforks torches and a hang mans noose for the next time he posts something .
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    The topic and the pool question are 2 very different ones.

    I belive he is not, but I wish he does. No one should be a lead dev for such a big game with that amount of arrogance and lack of perception.
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    I think he does a great job. My opinion is that anyone who doesn't think he does a great job is too absorbed in the microcosm of mmo champion/twitter and should take a step back.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Naztrak View Post
    The topic and the pool question are 2 very different ones.

    I belive he is not, but I wish he does. No one should be a lead dev for such a big game with that amount of arrogance and lack of perception.
    Thank you, that's actually exactly what I was thinking when I started this thread.

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    Given the timing of his work there, I'd say MoP is pretty much his first serious accomplishment, and it has been a huge success for the game, despite whatever the "too good for it" crowd may insist.

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    Yes. He's creatively and in character bankrupt, he see's nothing but datas. He should just stick to talents and classes, but leave the mantle of lead designer to someone else.
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    Quote Originally Posted by durrtygoodz View Post
    Didn't they promote the guy in charge of Diablo III?
    No, he wasnt promoted. Change position change inside the company..

    Quote Originally Posted by PrairieChicken View Post
    He doesn't design instances. He doesn't design pvp. I can go on and on
    He does "design" PvP, since he is responsible for all kinds of balance in this game.
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    Quote Originally Posted by lunchbox2042 View Post
    He's responsible for everything but lore and quests pretty much.
    He isnt.

    Dont talk about things you dont have a fucking clue about.

    Makes you look like a fool.

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