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    No why should he be? he nerfs my main class a lot but he is damn good at what he does, i will never understand why morons call for his job cause they got nerfed.

    Moron comment not directed at you OP but at the people who want him fired whenever they get nerfed etc

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    Well, the title is not saying for him to get fired...... just lose his position.
    So to be honest I don't know exactly how far his influence goes, cause making a game is not something 1 person does.
    Even in the area he is responsible for, he is not the only one taking decisions but his team does; he is just leading that team.

    It is quite a non-sense to blame 1 person if anything goes wrong or doesn't work out as intended.

    The other thing is that Blizzard is a company which just wants to maximize profits, as all companies do.
    We are seeing a decline in subs and with this, in income for quite a while now. Since cata the subs are dropping and nearing 50% of what it was at the end of cata.
    From 12 million to 7.7 million.... and if this continues we might even get to the 50% at the end of MoP.

    Well, this calls for some action.... Blizzard has to do something about this... We can't say what, cause we don't exactly know what causes this huge drop in subs.
    But something has to be done.... this also doesn't mean that GC has to be replaced..... cause I can't believe 1 man is causing this.

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    GC Haters and ragers would do well to read these GC tweets as well..

    Whether you are a fan or a critic, please remember that hundreds of people work on WoW. Our structure is fairly flat and very collaborative.
    I'm fine with you blaming me for anything in the game. Just please don't forget that WoW is the product of a huge and talented team.

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    Tch poor Greg, even with my problems with some of his decisions I can't even handle being yelled at let alone thousands of butthurt, pissy, rude gamers getting on my back about something I ok'd a change on for the greater design of a ridiculously huge and complicated game.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Gizmoe View Post
    Yeah looks like he's really worrying about what's said here.
    Haha If there's one thing I really respect about the guy is he's got really thick skin. It's okay GC I'm not calling for your head, just think you should be demoted or move to another project for a while. WoW needs some new blood, that also goes for the other lead guys working on WoW. If anything this is good indication that people still believe that Ghostcrawler is doing a good job.

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    Grats on getting GC to tweet about your inane thread.

    It's okay GC I'm not calling for your head, just think you should be demoted or move to another project for a while
    LOL. Well at least he can relax about getting fired now. It's just a demotion. phew! You dodged a bullet, GC! Fullmetal89 hath spoken.
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    I admire him for sticking it out and dealing with crap like this thread from the WoW community. I also admire him for not caving to everysingle whiner in the community and ruining the game even more.

    He's done good things to this game, not eveything he's done has been good, but without him I don't think WoW would have even half the sub numbers it does now and would probably have gone F2P.

    What super terrible bad things has he done? next question.... if the things he's done are so super terribad...why are you still playing this game?

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    Has he made mistakes? Yes. But who hasn't? Let he who has never sinned throw the first stone.

    I don't always agree with the choices of his team, but I have always found him reasonable.

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    Looks like not many people here know exactly what a Systems Designer does, and would rather blame him for everything that happens to the game. I guess it's easier to cut the one head that sticks out... but he's just another Blizzard employee. Another one would take his place, and keep doing the same. He's not the one making most of the calls, but the one that executes them, and that voluntarily shares them with the community.

    In some way, firing him would be like "killing the messenger". If you are unhappy with the direction of the game, you have to look further than that
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    GC should man the f*ck up and do some drastic changes to outdated classes
    the ultimate answer's to all rogue issues :

    -Rogues might still be dealing with the changes to combo points {2014}

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    He's got a lot thicker skin than probably anyone posting on this thread. He gets the majority of heat for any decision in the game, yet he remains transparent and communicates with players when able.

    I don't like all of the things he does, but I find myself angrier at small changes (i.e. cosmetics, glyphs) than anything that is a core feature of the game. But to be honest, I can't blame anyone but myself for getting excited about X feature on the PTR, knowing it may not go live. We'd all do better to remember that.

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    I don't see why he solely gets blamed for things. He's the Lead Systems Designer for World of Warcraft, which means he doesn't have anything to do with a lot of what people blame him for.

    Either way, I don't mind him, personally, and I hope he doesn't lose his job ever. I don't think he would anyway.
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    No. Even when I've really really disagreed with the team's choices I've respected him and the reason behind his efforts.

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    The only thing he should lose is his twitter account. IMO, he frequently comes across as a condescending ass.

    To be fair, he's frequently dealing with spoiled children, so I suppose condescension is only natural.

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    If nothing else, he deserves all the respect for putting himself in the line of fire taking purposely every heat one can get from the people.
    And at the end of the day, he's proven right times and again. Almost all the criticism against him is unwarranted. Most ammo fired against him is based on personal opinion, rather than well reasoned criticism. More than often it's just outright insult thrown out because it's just trendy to hate on him.
    Give that man valid reasons, explain your views and provide solutions that aren't based on anecdotal evidence, and you'll likely have a pretty good conversation about it with him.
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    Fired? Idk. When he talks about class changes, beta/ptr issues, etc it's VERY obvious he does not know what he is talking about sometimes. To the point that I'm sitting here scratching my head saying, "Wtf? Does this guy play this game at all?". Then occasionally he'll say something that makes sense.

    I don't think he's ignorant per se, just that his knowledge base of the game/technical issues is very very limited in certain areas and that is troubling for a man that has a relatively prominent position/is the PR face of Blizzard.

    He needs to cut his Twitter time back and spend more time actually playing, his Sunday night raiding just isn't cutting it.

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    Only way they would replace GC is if he quits. Man has a really tedious and grueling job. You don't fire someone with that kind of fortitude.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fullmetal89 View Post
    To be fair, Torchlight 2 is an indie game that doesn't have a ridiculously popular brand name. If it wasn't for the "Diablo" in Diablo 3 the game would not have sold well at all. Marketing a game with a highly respected brand name is a lot easier then a little known dungeon crawler. Also it doesn't hurt that the developer is also one of the popular in the world. Its why Bioware made an MMO about Star Wars and not Mass Effect.
    Except Diablo 3 has continued to sell well over a year later. A recognized name of a crappy game wouldn't continue selling after all the poor reviews. Torchlight 2 had lots of marketing as well as Steam but they missed the boat on releasing it on consoles again.

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    he cares about the game. i dont want him to loose his job.
    but i think he should address balacing problems that annoying alot players in the game which he doesnt do well

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    Quote Originally Posted by Synstir View Post

    The other thing is that Blizzard is a company which just wants to maximize profits, as all companies do.
    We are seeing a decline in subs and with this, in income for quite a while now.
    True, true and very false. Completely off topic, but do a little research before making claims. Blizzard income has not been dropping 'for quite a while now', in fact income is still increasing at ~5%

    What THIS has to do with Greg Street and his job, is beyond me, however. Generally these issues are laid at the feet of those much higher in the food chain than him!

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