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    What other MMO has an active group of 5mil players EU alone has more subs then a high % of other MMO games. Don't see why anyone should be losing their job because people move on.

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    To the OP, I don;t think you understand what Greg does at Blizzard. At all.

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    Will he be fired ? Probably not. Would he welcome the chance to live the spot light and let someone else take the endless abuse ? More than likely.

    I giggle at Seefer's comment about his arrogant ass attitude. Look at MMO-C, everyone here is a certified expert on everything about WoW. We all know exactly how to "fix wow" and get it up to 15 million Subs tomorrow. All of this and we don't even work in video games, nor do we have any of the real data that they do. So yeah, someone has a arrogant ass attitude, not sure it's GC.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rhamses View Post
    MoP >> TBC.

    Yeah, I said it.
    going to have to agree, I love TBC but its over with now so move on

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    The issue with GC is at times he comes across like "I know best and everybody else is wrong", lots of times when he is called out he seems to either completely ignore the point or create a strawman so he can look like he has refuted the point.

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    Blizzard rarely fires their important people. GC just got the sword from Blizzard. No way he will be fired.

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    I fail to see what would change if GC was moved off WoW. As he said, we can't just go through and rollback the game to 3.1. Lfr would still exist, flight would exist, flex-size raiding, Cata, pandaria....
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    the fact that someone think he's responsible for the subs does not imply that the company think he is, or that he actually is. Sub loss depends on a huge amount of factors that cannot be charged upon one single guy no matter what people think of him.

    I do not even think he will be moved to a different position

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    I may disagree with him on so many things but he is still amazing at what he does. The game would be nothing without him I fear.

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    If people think that GC and Blizzard are doing a bad job with WoW because of falling sub numbers, just look at what happened to SWTOR. That game was designed exactly like how some people here want WoW to be designed. No LFR, no shortcuts, grinding leveling, etc. That game came out and fell flat on its face.

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    If he does, will it make any difference?

    A company that size has one guy and one guy only in total control of what happens with this game? In TOTAL control?

    What happens with WoW is a result of team effort.
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    I would hope Blizzard HR doesn't operate off of the wails of the internet.

    Although I might not like every decision Blizzard makes, overall I think their choices are pretty well thought-out and there haven't been any real fuckups in awhile. As I understand it, every decision is made jointly anyway so "bad ones" are not one person's fault.
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    Nope, I don't think he'll be fired. WoW's drop in subscription numbers is due to a dozen different factors unrelated to his job, and the game's systems (which ol' Greg is responsible for) have improved massively since the ridiculous imbalancefest of Vanilla and Burning Crusade. Shamans can DPS, Paladins and Druids can Tank, Hunters don't just cast Steady Shot until they go blue in the face, talents are actually interesting now. No reason to kick him out.
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    I have it on good authority that GC will reinvent himself as the Ghostwalker.

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    God no. Greg is doing an excellent piece of work. Not only does he respond to endless banter with an equally responding attitude, but he also tries in his work. He is too good to let go.

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    Why not replace Tom Chilton, he is the over all game director. GC is under him, if you wanna bitch about anyone why not direct your hate at him?

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    You clearly don't even have a clue what his job on the WoW team even consists of. And I really think it's becoming totally ridiculous, this whole lowbrow banter of gamers all the time. You wouldn't even know who Ghostcrawler was if he didn't bother talking to his playerbase on the internet.
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    I like the fact that he is only developer who trashtalk back at idiots.

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    Wouldn't that mean that the entire team of the games listed here:

    ....need to be fired? Every single game listed has lost over 50% of their subs in less time. None of these games has reached the height of subs that WoW had or sustained over such a period of time. If you want to fire GC - what would you do to the ppl behind SWToR?

    Actually after over 8 years, WoW has more subs than all these games ever had at their peak.

    Just trying to offer a different angle here - maybe they actually gave GC a rise in pay?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Seefer View Post
    Will he? No.
    Should he? Yes.

    I dislike damn near everything he has done to this game since joining and I dislike his arrogant ass attitude.
    Irony noted as a good example that every single day I see more arrogance and honestly people acting like total assholes here than I see from all of the Blizzard devs in a month. No, I doubt if Street will be fired and just about everything he does is signed off on by people further up the food chain at Blizzard. Just more shoot the messenger posts in a thread that's not going to settle anything.
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