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    Proving Grounds

    Hi guys!

    I didn't find any threads for Proving Grounds, so I decided just to start one.

    Quick Facts about Proving Grounds:
    - Item Level is scaled down to 463
    - Legendary Meta Gem, Legendary Gem (+500 Int) and Legendary Cloak Proc aren't working, but the extra socket from part 2 is
    - You can use flasks and buff food but no potions
    - You can switch between talents during the trial but can't switch specializations

    I also did two videos for that purpose (if anyone wants to check it out or to see how I did it):

    Damage Dealer Challenge [Gold]

    Damage Dealer Challenge [Endless (30)]

    Did anyone else try it already? Or did maybe someone try the heal/tank one and did successfully beat the bronze/silver challenge?
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    when it first came out i finished bronze and silver easly, and got stuck in about 3 or 4 try at mid-end of gold(7. oder 8. stage), dont know why but i left, but havent had the time to do it again

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