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    Super Moderator vs Moderator

    So Question what's the difference between Super Moderator and Moderator

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    Super Moderator / Global Moderator are not confined to their respective forum.

    That's really about it.

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    And they have different coloured usernames!

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    Super Moderators get access to the VIP coffee lounge and get a special color next to their name. Nothing more.

    Oh ya except Super Mods are responsible and get reports from every single subforum, while a normal moderator just has to worry about cleaning up the subforum they're assigned too.

    I also heard Super moderators had increased strength and could fly faster but that's just a rumor.

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    Super moderators (like myself) are not limited to any forums. We're also the only ones besides admins that can lift bans when infractions/bans are struck down (which does happen), as well as assist regular moderators with issues they might be having. Think of us as helpers to the regular mods.

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    And I am above all of them, so if you see any super moderator being mean to you, just send me a PM.

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    Super Moderators are those of pure heart that have ascended to the next level of Moderator. Features include special aura,increased hair length and free transportation.

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    i love u dars. do u love me ?
    Milk was a bad choice.

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    Super mods help with a wider range of problems, including both filling in wherever needed with regular moderation and dealing with issues that don't really fit in one particular forum.

    Closing this, because I think that's sufficiently answered and I'd rather not have this derail any more..

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