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    Question about the enchanting changes for 5.4

    OK at first the changes allowing you to add MoP enchants to any gear level seems nice. But does that ruin Enchanting for twinks? I made a ton of gold on my main because I camped all the rare enchanting recipes like the glove enchants from AQ or spellpwoer to weapon, or the timbermaw rep AGI enchants. Are those going to be 100% worthless now? Yes I know I can just change over to making MoP enchants but I spent a lot of time getting all those on my main and it just seems like a waste if theres no use for them anymore. Those enchants mean a lot to me because it took awhile to collect them all and I was one of the few people on my server to have them.

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    Depends on the enchant slot really; AQ spellpower to glove enchants are the only ones that exist so it'll depend on whether the amount of Haste gained is better.

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