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    did it on 1st try as destro in ~520 ilvl

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bluesftw View Post
    did it on 1st try as destro in ~520 ilvl
    the 4th shaman spec ?

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    2 tries as ele. Didnt really look up what it was all about, only realized about 30 seconds in he took more damage from behind. Also accidently closed enemy health bars, so i didnt notice the second set of adds until it was too late to hit chain lightning to get them all. Was actually pretty easy without heroism, ascendance got him down below 30%, SWG for chain lightning the adds dead, and wrathion went down during the chainstorm.

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    i did the elemental challenge (offspec) because i read that the healing challenge was too easy.

    i wiped a few times trying to follow the complicated strategies i read about. trying to drop aggro on the oozes, trying to root them, etc. then i realized, "duh, i'm a shaman" so i popped hero, ascendance, and nuked him until the first round of oozes appeared. a little bit of CL and they were gone, then the fight gets really easy. wrathion was dead before he summoned a second group.

    so like 10 wipes using complex strategies, then 1 try using "nuke stuff" strategy.

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    1st try as ele, was slightly disappointed after hearing about the tough time some guildies had.
    Was half expecting something as challenging and fun as the epic rogue/caster staff "scenario" challenges
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    Got it 2nd try as enh with 530ilvl, wasn't too bad.

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    1st try as resto, Primal Fire Elemental did all of the work

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    For Ranged DPS - If you have an aggro drop ability (like Feign Death, Shadowmeld, Invisibility etc) you can wait until the bloods spawn and make sure they spawn in the middle not near the balcony, and run up to the balcony and pop your threat dump, the bloods will run to the middle of the arena where they spawned and you can ignore them the whole fight, also the balcony puts you out of range of his Mirror Image explosions so you just need to wait them out.

    all you need to deal with is him charging you and avoiding that.

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    First try, so easily I couldn't believe my rogue friend died so many times on it.

    Earth elemental and burn... I was never attacked directly by anything and had the dps to burn him down.
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    I did 'em all, even respeccing and reforging, just for fun. As Monk:

    ilvl 535 healer: 1shot healer event
    ilvl 520 tank: 1shot tank event
    ilvl 520 dps: 4shot dps event (Just had to realize the adds were hitting really hard and kite them a bit; Spinning Crane Kick has 8yd range. Roll kind of trivializes Wrathion's Cone attack I guess, too.)

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    dunno about the rest but range quest is such a joke. every melee i know is flaming ranged dps' since they spent like 10min before the raid to get it all done while they couldn't

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