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    Once everything is F2P, I'm sure someone will come back with the idea of "Why waste all this money buying stuff in a 'free to play' game when you can just spend 15 bucks a month and get access to everything!"

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    Quote Originally Posted by Arewn View Post
    The f2p/b2p business models are not inferior to p2p now a days, and the reality of the situation is that there are none-p2p MMOs out now that are just as high quality and release just as much, if not more, content (patches) as WoW does. That isn't to say ALL of them do, but unless you're taking MMOs off of gPotato's game list, recent released MMOs have quality comparable to WoW's.
    You can do anything and call it a patch. Doesn't mean shit.

    Quote Originally Posted by Arewn View Post
    It actually confuses me a bit when people say that WoW puts out a lot of content. It doesn't. A raid tier isn't actually that big, it's a hallways with some re-sized mobs acting as bosses with a few new models thrown in, and a pile of scripts. It is then heavily, HEAVILY gated in an artful manner so that you slowly 'unlock' new parts (bosses) over a lengthy period of time giving the impression of a huge experience, so that it takes you 2+ months to finish and gives the illusion that there is tons of content. What else do you get in an update? a very long list of class balance fixes/changes, more fluff. The constant re-balancing isn't to perfect balance, it's to give players something to do, to make them feel like they're progressing in some way by relearning aspects of their class every patch. Then you get quests, now a days in the form of daily hubs. Once again something to draw out content and slowly be unlocked to inflate the sense of size. Quests are boxes with random text and quickly assigned objective somewhere nearby in the world where they pasted some mobs. To their praise, they do add new types of quests with relative frequency and some interesting mechanics here and there, but it's still for the most part the same formula that they copy paste and then set the objectives for. It's not all together unreasonable to say "go look at wc3 world editor if you want a taste", WoW is operating on a modified version of it's engine after all.
    And you get this, what? every 6 months? With holidays they flip the switch to turn on in between, involving little more work then updating the mob and loot levels.
    Enough people liked the multiplayer real time puzzle solving content in WoW to make it the most successful MMO in the world by a whole order of magnitude.

    Quote Originally Posted by Arewn View Post
    And seriously... if you think server costs(and overall upkeep including GM wage) and dev wages add up to anywhere near 180 bucks a year (15/month) per player, even with WoW's current sub count, you should go do some research, because it's not.
    Last time I checked, communism lost. In capitalism, the goal is to provide value to the consumer charging whatever the market will bear, not about covering costs. There is nothing wrong with providing superior value while minimizing overhead and pocketing the difference.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Valyrian Stormclaw View Post
    We still got EVE, and it is still growing. It has yet to experience a dip in subs. .
    Eve suffer a MASSIVE dip in subs about 2.5 years ago when they introduced an "AUR" store.

    It was basically cash for cosmetic items but the price was a complete and utter pisstake. That combined with the rest of the new expansion that was a complete and utter flop made them haemorrhage subs like mad. The CEO had to issue a massive grovelling apology and promise to concentrate on gameplay to placate people. They did recover but to say "no dip" isn't true.

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    I'd honestly rather see the majority of the market be b2p games. I have no problems paying the cost of the initial game, and I love being able to log in and play without paying for a month when I only want to play for a week.

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    I am F2P anytime, anyday of the week. All you need to do is pull my lever.

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    Even though i can't fully understand how they can support a game that way, i think the future is B2P with a store for cosmetic stuff. For example, Guild Wars 2.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gimlix View Post
    But that's because they aren't as big as WoW, having less subscribers also means you can please them easier.
    WoW *had* 12,000,000 it's way to hard to please them all.
    Even now with 7,700,000 it's way to many players to listen too.

    WoW is still doing great, and won't go F2P for long time.
    Less than half of that 7.7 actually pay a sub fee. When you take into account they lose hundreds of thousands of people per quarter WoW isn't the unstoppable behemoth is once was. I agree with you tho. Blizzard know they have such a subservient player base they can get away with both a cash shop and sub fee. So i doubt it will go free to play for a good few years. Hell UO has maintained a sub fee for nearly 15 years.
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