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    Quote Originally Posted by Arkamedis View Post
    Skype/pics lmao. They do exist! xD
    Ugh...ladies...have some decency.

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    i heard there were women in this thread, so i came to say

    sup ladies

    on topic: in my experience it's like 10% women or less. usually 1-3 in 25 man raids i've been in.

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    in my guild it seems to be about 25- 35%

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    Judging from toon's gender isn't really.... anything. I know women with male toons, and (admittedly, in greater numbers) men with female toons.

    Besides, what's going to make you trust people posting here any more than their characters gender? Additionally, many women likely don't feel the need to reveal themselves.

    No one asks "How many women REALLY play fantasy football online?" heck, even other online games/MMOs don't get the question asked as much. People should really let it go with WoW too.

    Unless you're hitting on someone (which is generally a no no once they make it clear it's unwelcome, regardless of gender) or interested in them in a more long-term/normal way (either you're going to trust them and also talk in other ways where it becomes clear, or you're getting "catfished" and they're going to try to hide it no matter what) it really shouldn't matter.

    Do you ask people you play with their race? No? Then stop asking this.

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    Why does the sex of players matter at all?

    Sigh, horny boys.

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    I'd say like 40% of our active raiders are females - which isn't so surprising. Most of our guild is older (not teenage kids) people w/ significant others. If I weren't married, I probably would keep the fact that I was female to myself. Online stalkers are no fun :P
    I hate the seemingly widespread notion that girls/women can't play videogames or they only heal. We need a secret channel so that we can vent

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    Yeah a couple of female players ive met have played male characters to avoid either ERHMERGERD ITS A GURL or they just like the models of the male classes. It's just like dudes playing female characters, you play what animation/look you like best.

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    Eh, who cares. As long as they don't stand in the fire I don't care what gender you are.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Celticmoon View Post
    Ugh...ladies...have some decency.
    ''Free loot'' What? I've seen it happen multiple times LOL or guilds simply shatter into little pieces aka Deus Vox ( May they R.I.P )

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    Coming from Wyrmrest Accord, I'm actually going to say on active RP servers, the population is anywhere between 50-60% women. I'm not joking. Many male characters are women and at least half of the female characters are also women. My old guild, which had over 100 unique members was at least 80%-90% women (myself included.). I usually play male characters, since I have a distaste for huge, gravity-defying mega boobs and I find the male models more aesthetically pleasing. It looks like Blizzard spends more time designing the male and when it comes to the female it's "Make it skinny, sexy and put boobs on it".

    Most guilds I've been in over the past few years on Wyrmrest Accord are at least 50-70% women. Even leveling guilds and raiding guilds have a high population of female players. It's not exclusively RP guilds, just so you know. The only time I've come in contact with a guild that had no women was late Cata, and they were a bunch of old 30-40+ year old men who thought women didn't deserve to raid and RP was for 'homosexual fagtards'. Needless to say, most of the server hated them, even the other raiders.

    Another funny thing, you can usually tell if a man is playing a female character on WRA because of how their MRP description is worded. If it says "Lesbian with perky tits and a rocking ass", you know it's a man.

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    More than you think! Considerably less than guys clearly, but originally I was thinking 2-3%, I'm leaning towards something like 20%~ now.

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    10-15% seems like good numbers. I've had a girl in almost every raid team I've been to (EXCLUDING my sister, who has been in my raid teams since WotLK) and my current one has 3 (12 people in our 10man raid team) girls in it.

    8 out of 60 people on my friends list (Real ID that is) are female.

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    mmorpg historically stood for mainly men online role playing girls. However, my small social guild is mainly female players. I do tend to think all players are male until I know different, and the more they dress like lap dancers, the nearer to 13 the boy player is

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    Quote Originally Posted by MouseD View Post
    You are soooo freaking wrong in so many ways.....I am a 55 year old Grandma that beats the pants off any horde that comes near me flagged put that in your pipe and smoke does it feel horde to be beat by a Grandma in battle grounds...hahaha been playing since TBC too.....
    It is the same situation when a little female gnome warrior or rogue kills a tauren warrior or paladin in a bg.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zaelsino View Post
    I've met loads of women in WoW, ironically (or not) playing on an RP server. It's really not that rare to meet female players anymore, if it ever really was.
    I knew two girls from school that play WoW and their favorite thing to do is RP, and one of them plays as male characters usually. And I'm male and play as female characters usually lol.
    "Being bad never felt so good!"

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    3 people in my core 10 man group are female. Not exactly the norm though.

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    this thread turns out far better than I feared it would

    kind of reassured of my own numbers now

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    My Wife played. My Friend played. And I KNOW we had at LEAST 7 Ladies in our small Guild

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    Half of my real ID are female. And 80% are hot! shocking, right?

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    Quote Originally Posted by AlisonPrime View Post
    Statistics show 38% of wow players are Female
    Source? My guess would be 10%

    The number could also be high because of underage kids using their mom's credit card.

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