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    I am a player from China, I have some problem about item level.

    My english is not so well, if you can not understand what I have said, I am sorry about my English level.

    In China, the item level is different from the item level in the USA. If I join in dungeons for 25 persons, I have chance to get a better trophy in this journey. The

    item level can be 8 more in 25 persons' dungeons.

    However, I do not have enough friends those who like to play PVE in WOW, I can only join in a 10 persons' dungeons. It is OK before 5.1, no probelm. We down

    the boss and get the trophy.

    Everything changed iaftr 5.1.In actually I have entered 25 persons' raid for several times. I do not think that 25 persons' raid is harder than 10 persons' raid.

    I believe that the organization of 25 persons' raid is much more difficulty that 10 persons' raid,but in 10 persons' raid everyone is more important. I am a

    healer. Sometimes I trust I am very powerful , I am very important and every details I have done can save all the team members, In 25 persons' raid if I

    die, my raidleader will just say, this guy die? No problem, we continue. So many chinese player use 25 person's trophy to achieve 10 persons' first down.

    In China the 25 persons' raids and 10 persons' raids CD is not together. So there are so many raids we called them "G“ raid. If you get money , you can

    entered this kind of raid and buy the equipment you like. In China, in the 25 persons' normal raid, you can get 536 item level's trophy. In 25 persons' raid it

    is more possible to get a thunder item than 10 persons' raid. OK , I entered a 10 persons' raid, and I get a poorer item. I do not think it is very coooooooool.

    I know you can not understand mandarin. So you will not go to the chinese BBS. Those who entered 25 persons' raid person said that what we have got is

    junk and CTM have pampered us. We complained about this problem for a long time. I know Blizzard use Asia as a "test field". We believe that Blizzard will

    change back to the CTM mode because this changes have not real equiped in the USA. In my opinion, it is a bad change. We complained about this problem

    day and night. What we get in heroic battle is just a junk. I do not think it is very coooooool. What do you think about it?

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    Same problem in Korea, unfortunately people here don't care anything about Asian realm

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    I also raid on Chinese realms. 25 mans were all but extinct. Increasing the item level on 25 mans saved and created many new 25 mans. 10 mans are as they should be, of lesser value.

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