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    Cool Scroll of Resurection

    Hey guys, I haven't played WoW since MoP release and I miss it, i heard i can receive a scroll of resurection? I am on Europe, i received one from a dude but it sais "No Available Accounts. You do not have any World of Warcraft accounts. Do you want to create one?". Anyone know why? Maybe he was from US. Thanks!

    Edit: it sais i am not eligible, maybe it wasn't enuff time?

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    Who can receive a Scroll of Resurrection?
    To be eligible to receive a Scroll of Resurrection, your friend must have a full (non-Starter Edition) World of Warcraft license that used paid game time in the past and has not been active after March 4th, 2012. Only accounts that have been continually inactive since March 4, 2012 are eligible to receive a scroll. A license is considered active when it has game time, whether that time is a paid subscription or free game time.

    If your friend’s World of Warcraft license was inactive before December 2009, your friend must first link their World of Warcraft license with a Battle.net account before they can receive a Scroll of Resurrection. Review our Battle.net Account FAQ for information on creating a Battle.net account, then contact Customer Support to get the World of Warcraft license linked to the Battle.net account.

    After your friend has set up their account, you should be able to send them a Scroll of Resurrection normally.
    MoP was released September 25, 2012 so you wouldn't be eligible for the Scroll if you played at start of MoP.

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    the requirements are that, there are 90 days between your last subscription and now and you can only get 1 lifetime scroll per account. Those are all the requirements

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