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    Quote Originally Posted by solvexx View Post
    Lol.. This thread is probably not going to end well.
    Not that many females play WoW.
    You would probably be surprised. Back in vanilla, in an old guild of mine, they're was maybe 50 odd regular raiders
    15 of us were female, girlfriends or wives of male members.
    every guild I've ever been in, there's always been a fair few chicks
    There's also "I'm a girl and I play wow" group on Facebook with 1600 members in, and it's a quiet group

    As for playing female toons, who knows. I know alot of chicks that hide behind male toons and don't speak to avoid unwanted attention

    My guess would be between 20-30% of playerbase as female

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    I'd say quite a few players are female. A good portion of my guild is female, myself included.
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    Alot, you won't be getting any real numbers, that's close to impossible.

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    Quote Originally Posted by AlisonPrime View Post
    Statistics show 38% of wow players are Female
    Claiming fact without a source?

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    The girls always flock to these threads to state that they are girls.

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    I'm not sure what rubs me the wrong way more - the chicks who like to remind everyone they are female every five seconds for attention or the guys who act like women are some kind of elusive mythical creature. Actually, it's probably the combination of both: the guys who think that the few women in the game ARE the ones who like to remind everyone they are female every five seconds for attention.

    There are probably a significant number of women, maybe even the majority, who you might not know are female unless you know them well. They don't announce it constantly because they want to be treated like anyone else in the game without the extra (positive or negative) attention. Your odds of being kept in the dark about a player's gender significant increases the more of an issue you make of it, and you're probably far more likely to attract the kinds of players (actual women and men pretending) who will exploit your wide-eyed wonder at the female gender by demanding advantages.

    Women may be under represented in some video game genres, but they're not in WoW. A lot of women play WoW. This has been suggested repeatedly by stuff like the Daedalus Project or PARC Play-On studies, and there's certainly a ton of anecdotal experience found all over the web including this thread. If you haven't encountered many women in the game, maybe it is because you give off a vibe of being overly creepy or misogynistic or otherwise weird about gender issues, and they've made a point to avoid telling you so they don't have to deal with shit like you cooing for them talk on vent or demanding they make you a sandwich or whatever.
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    A better question is.. who cares, besides the people who waste the time making these misogynistic topics? Believe it or not - and I know this hurts some of the little manparts egos here - there is not a skill divide that exists because of gender. There are women in the world first guilds. There are women in casual guilds. There are nurturing, healing/caring female players, there are women who tank, there are women who obsess over dps meters and there are elitist, rude-bitch female players who are as good at being pricks as any guy. There are women who excel at the game and women who are terrible at it.

    In other words, they cover the exact same spectrum of players as males.

    At the end of the day it doesn't matter what gender someone is when it comes to games. If you think it does, you've had a poor/sheltered upbringing.

    I'm a woman and I primarily tank with one of my several warriors or play a hunter. I dislike healing for the fact that people do stupid shit like stand in poison ticking for half their healthbar a second, die, and then bitch 'omg heal'. And you know what? Never do I go around promoting myself as a 'girl gamer' and frankly women who do annoy me. Do guys go around 'I'm a MALE NBA PLAYER!'? No, that's just stupid.

    I game because I love to game. I do it because I'm good at it. And it doesn't have a damn thing to do with the plumbing. Maybe in another 30-40 years, people will get that through their heads instead of assuming every female is an idiot who flirts her way to gear or gets 'carried'.

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    Look I don't care if you're female but it's likely I'll get along with you better then a male. I dunno why, probably because guys have made me jaded :-P Honestly as long as you take care of yourself and are a good person. Well you won't hear me bitching. But for the love of god, don't be a drone(This goes for men to but let's just say I had a bad experience with one that caused drama in my guild).

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    Knowing some guys don't think many women play, this thread came to mind last night and gave me a little bit of a laugh when I realized that out of our little group of 5 messing around in a dungeon three of us were women.

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    I come across female players quite frequently. They're not rare.
    On an unrelated note 1/4 of my toons are female.

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    Two chicks on my raid team. One is a tank, one is a healer. I've been friends with about a dozen other females over the years, but I really don't interact with people a whole lot outside of whatever guild(s) I happen to be in at the time. They obviously aren't as common as males, but there are a shit ton of them out there, seems like about 10% of the population from what i've seen.
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    I was in a group with 2 girls the other day (imagine that, an lfd with people who talk!), so I guess there should atleast be a decent amount, I usully don't find out until I get to know them and they mention their RL name or I hear them on Skype though. Although this one time it was just a kid who hadn't grown his man voice yet, I went like oh there's a girl in the guild, all other members went like RLY? OMG, needles to say I felt kind of bad.

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