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    PvP Power - ilvl 476 vs 496

    Has anyone else noticed that there is more pvp power on the 476 pvp gear than the 496?

    It is only 35 or so less but isnt the whole point in grinding conquest points to actually get stronger?

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    You gain a lot more main stats through the conq gear I don't know how that would have been overlooked though. The more pvp power on the malv pieces are to help people actually do damage compared to people with tyrannical gear.
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    Pvp power is now a bonus, is garbage you dont even gem anymore for it. i used to gem pvp power on everyhting now isnt worth it. as dirty said, you get way more agi on 496 and you will do more damage in said gear vs 476

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    As others said, the pure stat upgrade totally overwhelm a few points of pvp power that more or less does nothing anyway.
    More stamina/more main stat X/More secondary stats Vs 30-40 pvp power. Easy choice
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    What about the trinkets?


    This doesn't really make sense. It's 20 ilvls. It's honor points compared to conquest points. Shouldn't it be a bigger difference?

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    Good point. The trinkets underscore this perfectly.

    All the comments about 496 being better than 476 because of the other stats aren't directly addressing what you're saying.

    With all of the iterations from one tier to the next and such, I imagine it's an oversight on the part of Blizz (though it could just be them trying to level the playing field somewhat for newcomers without starting a riot). /shrug

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