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    Holy priest lolsmite spec with guardian spirit for h.horridon?

    Has anyone tried holy priest dps for 5.3? I have played Smite spec since tbc and one of the downfalls to Holy DPS spec has always been poor scaling as you get more gear. I have played this spec back in 5.1 and for fights like elegon back in the days, I did competitive damage for the whole fight and did good healing in the last phase to help healers. I'm not sure if this is still viable for tot encounters.

    Reason for asking is because my guild is working on H.Horridon in 10m right now and one of the problems we have giving that we don't have a Prot. Paladin tank is that once Wargod dies Horridon goes steroid mode and smash our tanks. We run bear/dk tanking combo, 1 melee (enhance shaman), 5 range dps (mage/lock/ele.shaman/boomkin/me), and 2 healers (holy paladin/disc priest). The dk is very fresh he is only 519. We do have a holy paladin for bop but the last phase still seem very sketchy. We kill the adds for each door just fine although sometimes when the interrupts are not done properly our 2 healers do find themselves tight on mana at the end.

    Regardless the main problem we are now facing is tank survivability. Giving that a holy priest has Guardian Spirit and Divine Hymn I'm thinking of perhaps trying out holy dps build for this fight so I can GS the tank at the end to buy more time for the dps. The idea is to dps full time until last door and help with healing in the burn phase. My main spec is shadow and because of the lack of UVLS my gearing's actually haste 14.6k -> crit. Which works great for holy dps. I can't completely regem everything though because the raid needs me shadow for the rest of the instance so using some os pieces, I ended up with this: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/characte...laeno/advanced

    30043 sp, 24.23% haste, 30.45% crit unbuffed. The haste is the lowest I can get without messing up my shadow set. I realize smite cast time is so low with pure shadow gear that with meta etc proc you can easily get GCD capped, which is not effective. So I stacked more crit when possible. Run this through simulation craft and it's showing me doing 135k dps. Which seems a bit low. >.>

    Several questions I have for this encounter:

    1) Does HW:Chastise do well as an interrupt?
    2) Will GS absorption limit play a role in failing to prevent tank death in case the stacks gets too high?
    3) ToF vs PI: I'm a bit torn. SW:Pain is very mana intense so I can't spam it. And giving the cast time of smite/solace getting ToF might be harder with only Cascade. But it works for both damage and healing. PI's damage increase is good for burning elite adds. So I'm not sure which one will be more effective.
    4) Stats priority: should I stack crit/haste or intel?
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    GS is garbage for helping tanks survive through Horridon's enrage. You want damage reduction.

    Discipline would be a much better idea, pain suppression and barrier are both good.

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    1) If you need to interupt on horridan as a priest you have more problems than healing can compensate for.

    All the rest) There's really zero reason to go a weak spec for progression, play around with it on farm content. Zero reason to be holy when disc is very overpowered for the fight.

    The same goes for nearly every fight where you have enough dps to 3 heal, constant attonement smart heals sniping may annoy other healers weakening their meters but are incredibly strong smoothing factors with a very strong toolbox to back it up with barrier, pain suppression and spirit shell.

    For horridan specifically, if you're getting to the end phase then healers need to realise there's no damage to kill the raid so dont need to rush AoE healing everyone full pulling away from tank priority. Paladin and double disc priest has bubble sac, 2x pain suppression, 1x spirit shell and 1x barrier for tanks as well as all tanks self cooldowns(putting 1 spirit shell aside for raid damage and 1 barrier for the single time beastial cry lines up close to dire call)
    All of the damage is EXTREMELY predictable on very set timers. Bloodlust on Jalak spawn to kill him fast so that only the 1 AoE can line up. Don't push horridan below 30% before killing jalak. Don't spread tripple puncture stacks after get to end phase, expect 1 tank to eventually run out of cooldowns and die before other tank starts tanking on your early progression.

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    Use Solace on Horridon and monitor it so you use it every CD. Holy DPS Chakra increases the output of the damage and healing from it to astonishing levels. Use Divine Star instead of Halo, this spell is great to both damage the adds and heal your team, and it is more reliable damage and healing. Chastise will interrupt a cast, its 30s CD may get reset when you smite but that is unreliable. Glyph Lightspring and make sure that is down. With Solace, DS and Lightspring you can focus 100% on dps and still do a lot of healing.

    At the end make sure you are in Serenity Chakra, you have a Renew on the tank, you use Serenity on CD, and you GH every time you have two stacks of Serendipity (its the same cast time as Flash Heal). Use your GH after a Serenity, it does a lot of ST healing. GS is an awesome CD, don't let anyone tell you otherwise. It extends the health of your tank by 50% and increases all healing done by 60%. Just use GS before the tank gets low. If you get low on mana you can die on purpose and free cast if the boss is close to dead.

    The Disc Priest will synergize with your healing very well. Spirit Shell, PWS, DA and Barrier will provide you the buffer time to get out the big heals. Despite what everyone says about absorbs, ultimately the only way to move the health bar in the positive direction is heals.

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