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    low priest dps

    Can anyone tell me why i have so low dps (battle. net/wow/en/character/garrosh/giddle/advanced) ik i dont have gems/enchants kinda waiting to get better but was doing like 40k dps in a ToT pug

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    Why are you asking it when you know the answer? No gems, no reforging, no enchants, way over hit cap...
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    I'm not really sure what you've expecting people to say here?

    There are no logs, you've reforged nothing and you're not really gemmed or enchanted...

    In short, you've done nothing to help yourself to better your DPS, so why should anyone take time out of their day to help you do something a simple google search could have at least given you the basics for?

    Start here:

    Record some logs of you attempting the LFR bosses with your reforged, gemmed and enchanted (even if it's not the expensive stuff) gear and if you're still having problems come back and post the logs and an updated armoury link and maybe people will better be able to help.
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