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    Coming back to WoW after 5.0... totally lost! :(

    Hey guys, I got Pandaria when it first came out and got a few classes to 90 and then work got in the way and i just stopped playing. I finally have time to play again and I logged in and so much has changed i don't know WHAT to do or where to go. I assume grinding dungeons for badges is a start, but theres gotta be quest lines for important items/enchants im missing the boat on. Can anyone point me in the right direction or at least where to read up on it.. there's a lot to take in (obviously). Thanks!

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    Quote Originally Posted by mrdrsrow View Post
    I assume grinding dungeons for badges is a start.
    Damn, I miss those days... I suggest starting up dailies.

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    there hasn't been badges since WOTLK.
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    There is a 5.3 "what to do/gearing" post by Blizzard that you can probably find on the official WoW blog. That would be where you go.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sgtaliin View Post
    Damn, I miss those days... I suggest starting up dailies.
    Damn I miss those days... I suggest LFR.
    Dailies are NOT AT ALL in any shape or form an obligation to get stuff, save 1 or 2 days TOPS.

    No but really, I'm going to assume you did all of 5.0 content. Right now you will want first and foremost get some ilvl going, so you get acces to whatever you want to do. In order to do that, you should :
    - Get some 5.0 LFR gear
    - Get pvp gear. If you like doing a little pvp, you can get a ton of 496ilvl gear which is as powerfull as pve gear in pve. With the new catch up system you can litterally get like 6-8 items straight away in only half a day or 2v2. If you really can't be bothered I would still advise you to do just a 1-2h session and you should get at least 2-3 items, even if you're really bad.
    - If you're missing trinkets for ilvl you can kill the 3 rares on krasarang wilds they drop a 490ilvl trinket, easily.
    - Craft some gear, should be easy if you have a little money to spare.
    - Go do the barrens quests, you can get some pretty descent gear there, plus it's fun the first time
    - When you get 480ilvl go do the new ToT LFR, all 4 parts should take you some time.
    - Also when you can, go do your daily HC scenario, great chance at a 516ilvl loot.
    - Oh and the 2 World Bosses of course !

    Now for the important things you'd might want to do, just for fun:
    - Get up to date as fast as possible with the legendary quest, it's a LOT of grind...but really worth it.
    - 5.1 dailies, for the storyline, they are really interesting.
    - All the scenario you've missed...and there's a lot. They're pretty interesting the first time
    - The 5.3 dailies are fun for a bit also, as well as everything you can do on the thunder island. (the solo scenario, troves of the thunder kind. The rare elites)
    - Farm some Zandalari warbringer or some bones on the giant island.
    - Get the pets from old raids ? Do the different pet quests / trainers
    - So some pvp in the new Bg's

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