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    Question "The Dark Below" speculation

    After re-reading abit of Garrosh's backstory again, I decided to read up abit about the Old God he partly resurrect.
    One thing lead to another and now I am 90% sure what the next expansion "The Dark Below" is.

    This makes me believe the next location we will go to in The Dark Below expansion, will be Nazjatar, the capital city of the naga. So expect alot of swimming. However, Queen Azshara will not be the final antagonist. That will be N'Zoth.
    He is the Old God responsable for Deathwing's corruption, the Emerald Nightmare and possibly the corruption of Queen Azshara and the creation of the naga.
    Also, Metzen teased N'Zoth to be the next Old God.

    Quote Originally Posted by Wowpedia
    When asked about the "next Old God", Metzen responded "You haven't seen who signs Deathwing's paychecks yet." shortly followed by "The third Old God is N'Zoth, and we've suggested I think directly that, uh, he was the critter responsible for the spark of the Emerald Nightmare, and he's got all sorts of other weird shit goin' on, so, he's a real problem."

    And since N'Zoth is rumored to be sleeping within Azeroth's seas, according to his Wowpedia page, It is highly likely that Nazjatar will be the location he is sleeping.

    What features will be in expansion? Besides the possibility of nagas becoming playable and underwater mounts, I have no clue.

    That's why I made this thread to dicuss with you all.
    Do you think The Dark Below will take place in Nazjatar and what features do you hope the expansion will have?

    Be respectful and please no flaming. It's all still speculation.

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    I'm 90% The Dark Below is Garrosh's rear end.

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    Great big fat Dark Below speculation thread here:


    Post there and you'll get more traction, other threads with the same topic are likely to be closed to avoid clutter.

    re. Your OP - If Dark Below isn't a hoax, its more than possible that it refers to the deep ocean and will involve N'Zoth and Azshara. Nazjatar isn't likely to be N'Zoth's domain though, as Nazjatar is the refurbished capitol of the night elves that sank during the Sundering, and they probably weren't keeping an Old God in their basement.

    References have been made in-game to a city known as Ny'alotha, which is sunken somewhere, possibly beneath the waves. I think it's likely N'Zoth is there.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mmochampionuserone View Post
    I'm 90% The Dark Below is Garrosh's rear end.
    Dayum. Thats nasty.

    Ontopic, yeah but im hoping its not just that. I hope theres more cavernous zones like Deepholm, not only underwater zones. A few sure.

    I also hope it wont just be centered around Nazjatar, but underground places in Azeroth generally and HOPEFULLY... some ancient Nerubian places like AhnKahet. Please!! Would make sense, cause the nerubians were working with the faceless, right? Heres hoping.

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    Totally needed a new thread for this, or not. And who said next expansion is "The Dark Below?"

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