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    Too much mastery?

    As it sits right now i am just shy of 13k mastery or about 103% unbuffed.I do have 2 rppm trinks,one being lfr and just a 2 piece bonus from tier,and yeah i stacjed the mastery gems instead of going for the socket bonus.mostly because i am way over exp and dont need anymore hit.So my question is.Should i just reforge to haste or just wait until i get my 4 piece and a little bit better gear.My gear is waht it is,we started really late this xpac and are just starting heroics and by late i mean this is are 3rd week of raiding.cant post my armory yet but the name is [email protected]
    any suggestions would be appreciated.

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    There is no such thing as too much mastery for assassination.

    Going for full haste reforge when you have 2 RPPM trinkets and the legendary meta is surely a viable option but it just smoothes a little the RNG of procs, while mastery is and will always be a solid dps increase in basically any raiding situation.

    As for gems/reforge, use shadowcraft so you will geat with ease an optimized gems/reforge combo. I tried putting up your char there and just clicking the two buttons i got a nearly 5k dps increase - this because pure mastery gems aren't that good for Assassination, pure AGI and AGI + mastery ones are better.
    Why worry about the future when you can just asfatatotl.

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    cool thanks for the tip

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