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    Assassination standard rotation?

    Hello fellow rogues! I have recently started playing PvE after many years of PvP... To increase my dps i have looked at many threads on different forums etc. What i find interesting is that everybody is talking about the opener as if it would be the most important phase of the encounter. Is this right? Do i need a strong opener to get a decent dps all over the fight?
    It seems to me like i have got a good opener but that's not my problem... I would want to know what the "standard rotation" is for a assassination rogue! I have tried to look it up but i could not find it anywhere! Please help me solve this problem!

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    Pop potion
    Tricks of the Trade
    Shadowstep (assuming possible)
    Mutilate x2 (Or 3, depending on talents and gear level, or RNG such as crits)
    Mutilate x1
    Slice and Dice
    Mutilate spam until you reach 5 combo points

    Use Mutilate until you have 5 combo points and then cast Envenom, weave in Rupture when it's either about to fall off, or has fallen off (It doesn't matter about what level of combo points it is, just DO NOT let it drop off!, 5 combo points is best though).

    If you get your proc that allows you to Dispatch, use that instead of Mutilate.

    Line up all your cooldowns (Vanish, Vendetta, Shadow Blades) to go off @ the same time with heroism, also make sure that you have a full 5 combo point Rupture going before heroism.

    And finally.... Try to not overlap Envenom, however sometimes thats unavoidable. I.e you are about to energy cap which always takes prio over not spending combo points because you don't want to overlap envenom. Generally on my rogue 'cause I consider it my what, 5th? alt, I don't bother going this far....
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    Yeah I actually noticed this a while ago on my alt rogue checking the info for it, all information threads on this forum just explain everything except for the standard rotation, every guide says "use standard rotation" without explaining said rotation....:S

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    "open from Stealth, cast Mutilate (free because of Shadow Focus, can proc Dispatch)
    use Mutilate as CP builder, when the boss gets to 35% HP switch to Dispatch instead
    when Blindside procs, try to use Dispatch as soon as possible
    put up Slice and Dice at whatever CP you get
    keep up 4+ CP Rupture
    use 4+ CP Envenom"

    Quoted from Coldkil's guide on WoWhead (courtesy of his signature). Once you've got anticipation, tweak that to 5 CP ruptures (after the opener) and 5 CP envenoms.

    I'd also further elaborate that you can better just treat blindside as "replace your next would-be-mutilate with dispatch" rather than "ASAP", but that's pretty minor.

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    I've been playing assassination for almost a year, and what I've noticed is the increased familiarity I have with the nuances of envenom. Knowing how to vanish and get your anticipation points up seconds before those times when both rupture and envenom wear off; knowing how to reconcile energy pooling with maximizing uptime...these are the complexities that make me wonder why the hell people say assa is simple.

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    "standard rotation" is more often used not to indicate a rotation but "the set of moves that you don't call an opener".

    So, for assassination, it's nothing more than
    opener -> keep up 5cp rupture -> user 5cp envenoms trying not to clip the buff.
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