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    Challenge Mode Gold Marathon

    Challenge Mode Event

    I have posted an event on OpenRaid.us for Saturday, August 3, starting at 12:00 p.m. (noon).

    This is an Alliance event, I am on realm Kel'thuzad - US (although Challenge Modes are cross realm, so as long as you are on US servers it should be fine)

    We plan on running all 9 Challenge Modes - and to finish all with a Gold rank.
    We are still looking for (1) healer, (1) tank, and (1) ranged dps.

    1) Item level 463+, properly gemmed
    2) Willingness to read up on each challenge mode for strategies prior to the event
    3) 20+ invisibility potions

    Do not expect to be carried - I am looking only for the most skilled and dedicated players to fill these last few roles.
    If it appears you do not know what you are doing, we will bring in someone from the reserves.

    Please post here, or sign up at OpenRaid.us if you are interested. Username on OpenRaid.us is Avallon, character name is Fohawks.

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