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    What boss fights SOUND the most interesting?

    What boss fights SOUND the most interesting?

    Yeah, I know player spell sounds and grunts drown out the boss emotes, spell effects, and music 99% of the time.

    Personally, I have fond memories of C'thun's whispers. Would've been even cooler had they been more tied to mechanics during the fight itself (e.g. "your friends will abandon you" being timed to correspond with getting teleported to the stomach).

    Which boss sound & music combinations have you liked?

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    Heigan the Unclean easily. He's the only thing I have encountered in the game that felt creepy.

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    Yogg-Saron and Lich King were both pretty cool

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    Quote Originally Posted by Noorri View Post
    Heigan the Unclean easily. He's the only thing I have encountered in the game that felt creepy.
    Foolishly you have sought your own demise, brazenly you have disregarded powers beyond your understanding etc :P I still know it because it was indeed very very cool and creepy at the same time. Loved those opening speeches. *EDIT* oh fuck me that would be Gothik :P I always mix those 2 up.

    For me, 4 Horseman I guess, with them yelling at us while clearing to them and then finally opening the door with another speech, very cool. Or Patchwerk, his sounds did really hurt because whenever he started grumbling, you knew an offtank had just died and you were 90% sure you were gonna wipe. His sounds were like a wipe alarm.
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    in a word, none.

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    Algalon... yes you tune it out eventually (thanks Kael, for setting that precedent!) but the first time? When you listen to what is being said? Shit is going down.
    The starry spell effects also just 'work'.

    Personally, I think it would be cool to have a boss fight where you have to listen (and I say that as a player who usually has game sound down pretty low). Like "I'm bombing the back right corner" or something (obviously better dialogue, but you get my drift). Or you go into darkness and can only tell you're next for an attack from something screaming only on your game client's end......... ok actually that might be far too creepy.

    I also have to agree with Ulduar in general. Yogg had lots going on, and the 'scenework' on say, Thorim, is pretty interesting. Plus lots of memorable quotes/sounds.

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    I always liked Shade of Aran's area in Karazhan. The library music and his boss lines were both well done, imo. Honestly this one was a bit hard for me to answer, because there's been a ton of bosses that I thought sounded great - the PvE sound design in this game is one of the things that gets unfortunately offset by the combination of player spell effects, client side UI mods (ding, beep, siren, WARNING, ring, zap!), and voice chat all competing for earspace. And so the often more subtle sounds of the fight get lost.

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    I really liked the emotes of ragnaros in molten core. First time I fought him was an epic moment, thanks to the voice acting.

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    Gothic the harvester had a quite memorable speech.

    And algalon.

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    Warlord Zon'ozz by FAR.

    First one (aggro) I had set as a SMS alarm, you should look at ppls faces when i get message ^^
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    For me, I have to go with Yogg-Saron. Honorable mentions would be Lich King, Lady Deathwhisper, and honestly almost all of Ulduar! Naxx had some pretty creepy sounds but I can't remember it well enough to give the specifics. I remember being able to hear the tortured screams from a certain boss in there that's made out of the corpses of children!

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    Thaddius was pretty creepy.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Fnx- View Post
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    He sounds scary. ;_;
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    Yogg-Saron by a long stretch. I also really love Ragnaros in Firelands.

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    Hearing it the first time was creepy enough, but when I found out why you hear those screams of agony.... oh boy.
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    Bronjahm and his boss theme.

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    I cant be the only who love Sindragosa

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    The voice of The Infinite Dragonflight is simply amazing

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