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    If you level Tailoring, will you be able to DE enough to cover costs?

    About to level Tailoring and Enchanting on my alt tonight. Pretty much have all the mats. If I do tailoring first and DE all the greens I make, how much will it cover the total cost about? 50%? If that?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chingylol View Post
    About to level Tailoring and Enchanting on my alt tonight. Pretty much have all the mats. If I do tailoring first and DE all the greens I make, how much will it cover the total cost about? 50%? If that?
    are you asking how much of mats for fully leveling enchanting you can get from your tailoring?
    if that is the question I d say you will get 50% of the amount of mats needed for leveling enchanting, it does not mean it will cover 50% cost of leveling enchanting, cos that depends on the price of mats on your server.

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    Depends on what you do with the enchant material.

    Selling them directly ? Probably not.

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    i'd say maybe 20%

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    Depends on myny things, like for Example in the Cataclysm Area you could break even if you do some extra Items for DE because cloth might be cheaper than this stupid Illusion dust, or on the Northrend Level if you opt to do frostweave bags then you will have no DE whatsoever.
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    Just farm old dungeons and raids for 2 or 3 days and you'll get all your mats for free if gold is what concerns you

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    Still think enchanting is the most expensive to lvl, and you won't gain much of it from leveling tailoring and dissing it. It's worth it of course, but you will have to buy/farm the items for more or less each level regardless.
    Farming stuff to disenchant is painfully slow compared to all other leveling professions, so if you have the money i would advice to buy it.

    "level" being each skilljump you pay for at the trainer, to be able to go higher, and not every single skill-level. The right word is eluding me atm >.<
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    The way things developed in the game, nope... can't cover the costs anymore with that method.
    Due to the addition of the battle pets dropping in old raids, people run them as if there's no tomorrow. There's an overflow of old mats, which basically crashed the prices.
    But, if you think or even better if you thought ahead.. You could save a lot of costs with a neat little mechanic that only involves a lot of patience.

    My tailor and my blacksmith are both toons I haven't leveled to 90 yet. They are sitting on an old realm with level 85/86, and I basically do nothing with them, with one exception... Every month, I go to the Darkmoon fair for the weekly profession quests. 5 skill points in cooking, fishing, and the 2 main professions. Both now are only a few points away from maxed 600, even though I spent not a copper on mats. From 525 - 600 literally for free. And in addition some XP that gives me a nice head start once I feel like leveling them to 90.
    But that only works for me, since I have no real need for the 2 professions.
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    I did that at the tail-end of Cata on my priest, & I can honestly say: not a chance. a fifth maybe, like Bluesftw mentioned. I will say this much, use your max-level toon to farm for lower-level cloth, as an example, my druid could, with clever use of 'Shrooms, pull most of Hellfire Ramparts Normal, then go bear, aoe down everything that pulled. then aoe loot the bodies.

    Also, http://www.wow-professions.com/ helped a LOT.

    Edit: & the 5 points from DMF, as others have said, can come in REAL useful.
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    sorry for the late post but i gotta say this

    enchanting might give u 10% of the mats from deing tailoring stuff, but if ur smart heres what u do. save all your epics that u get from lfr.. dont npc them like a dummy, but store them in a bank. if u already npc'd them, well ur a dummy but heres what u do, ask for item restoration from the blizz website or w/e and select all ur npc'd purples. you will need to buy them back at like 20G a piece but thats nothing when sha crystals can be de'd (by you eventually) for like 200g each. making 10x the profit. you can also run old 90 raids like MSV, hof, TOES and w/e for more lvl 90 epics, and save them in bank bags to DE as well.

    enchanting wont give u many mats, as some raw materials can be bought easily for low prices on the ah, but you'll make it up as long as your 90 and you got a chance to get epics 90s to de into sha crystals. (they go for 200g a pop on my server)

    while your at it, lvling tailoring up. just remember the ends justify the means, frostweave cloth is hardest to farm, you need to go to the valley of the fallen heros and kill packs of 8 of them, and for embersilk, jus go to the obelisk of the moon in the top left of uldum, easy shit.

    also rememeber to use the DMF +5 points. i used it from 345-350 for tailoring, since netherweave cloth needing 6 bolts for 1 point was a bitch, i needed like 30 bolts and skipped past it. also you can use it for enchanting as well, and Disenchant abyss crystals if they are cheaper than infinite dust or greater cosmic essences.

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