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    [PROT] Haste build with mostly LFR/valor gear

    Hey folks.

    I'm working on building on my pally for tanking but for now (pre 5.4) I'm really just an LFR + valor gear player. So I'd mostly be 502s with a sprinkling of 522s. Is a hit/exp cap with a good amount of haste fairly possible at this ilvl? I noticed most of the tanks i see with a good haste setup from the sig here are 522+ ilvl.

    Is there a good way to tell whats BiS around this ilvl as well? Particular pieces i definitely want to shoot for?


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    FWIW I've used a haste build from dinging 90 and gearing up. No clue if it was any good or not, but I didn't have any major problems with it. It obviously won't be quite as good as with higher gear but it should be perfectly doable no matter the gear level.
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    Yeah, I used a haste build from blue gear, I would advice you to go hit>exp soft cap>haste>exp hard cap.
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    With not a single piece of normal raid gear, I hit ~31% haste, hit and exp capped, so yes, it's perfectly viable.

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