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    Riposte makes it so dodge and parry aren't as bad. But in reality since it scales of rating and not actual values its still pretty bad but its something nonetheless.

    The only fight I can currently think of that completely breaks a tank is Malkorok and Blood DKs due to the "crystal shell" mechanic. H Nazgrim's Execute apparently is getting changed according to GC on twitter.
    What does "completely break" mean? Are dks good or bad there and why ? And are you talking about Nm or heroic

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mirri View Post
    What does "completely break" mean? Are dks good or bad there and why ? And are you talking about Nm or heroic
    My bad for not clarifying. DKs are horrible there due to not taking damage, therefore they will always get minimum size blood shields. This applies to both normal and heroic, though its going to be a huge problem on heroic unless its fixed since the boss hits quite hard and if the shield drops it makes the phase transition faster which is not what you want.

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    great, another fight where the whole "ds heal based off unmitigated dmg" bites us in the ass

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tehterokkar View Post
    Other tanks(Monks to a lesser degree) have to rely on Dodge/Parry/Block RNG more for their survivability and don't have as reliable mitigation for big hits, such as Nazgrim Execute which was mentioned in this thread, and they have to use a CD. Monks are different in a way that they don't have "active" mitigation as other tanks do, they just do their rotation to keep Shuffle up 100% and purify stagger when it gets too high or time it with big hits.
    The benefit of a Druid is that they're easy to heal at all times, due to their extremely high armor rating. There's a big difference between a tank that has 60k armor vs. 120k. Between that and a spammable dodge buff, they simply don't take a lot of physical damage, which makes them desirable for progression. Deaths to spike do happen, but that usually happens due to player error. People are just used to Paladins and Monks taking hits they shouldn't be able to survive.

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    IMO avoidance is not as good as blocking just because it's unreliable. I have heard more than once during progress ''Oh tank died, why? He didn't dodge several hits after each other.'' That's why most people don't prefer druids, they might take least damage overall but they can die to spikes + bad luck.

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