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    Having trouble with Dark Animus HM 10M

    Our average ilvl is 540

    Our Comp:

    Prot Pally
    Blood Dk

    Disc Priest

    Ele shaman

    Any one have any good strats. We tried burn strat got it to like 30% before siphon,which wouldnt work.We also have been trying the vox strategy,but do to the way the inactives are placed this week we are having trouble.Is there any way to do it that simplifies this fight greatly?

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    3 tank it. let one tank take animus + 1 small golem, 1 tank should take 3 small golems right next to the first big golem(sorry dont know how they are called in english) you activate first and the third tank takes 2 and kills them into an inactive large. your disc priest should use all of his cds on the tank who is taking 3 golems. (barrier, painsupp, spiritshell). make sure you have two dd's focussing one add so that it dies instantly. when the 2nd matterswap is around 5sec left you can activate the 2nd big golem (this way you wont get two matterswaps at the same time in p2) by killing the small inactive right next to him and your 3rd tank picks up the 2nd big golem and clears the other side.
    you have 25 small golems. you can put 18 in the big ones, one will be tanked by the animus tank through the whole fight. so you are left with 6 golems that need to be killed into the inactive large golems. 2 small active are killed by the third tank in the beginning(with help of one dd)near a large one. 2 active small golems are killed by 2 dd's near a inactive large one. the last inactive large one will be filled with 1 active and 1 inactive small golem. you only need to assign 1 dd for that.
    make sure that your tanks know exactly which 9 small golems they have to fill in their big ones. you can assort that in the beginning.
    the only thing that can stop you with this tactic is a lack of dps or the small golems beeing killed too slowly.
    and dont be afraid of using an alt tank. we had a 500gs prot pala. just let the squichiest tank take the animus.
    i hope that this is sort of understandable

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    The above tactic works, but honestly there are a lot of ways to approach the encounter. You can even 3 heal it if your dmg is amazing but I do not recommend that at all.

    If you explain why it is you are wiping or link some logs I can help you through it.

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    yeah sure. there are a lot of ways, but i think this could be one of the easier ones

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    3 tank / 2 heal / 5 dps it's the easier way to kill it in 10-man.

    -2 Massives at 36 anima
    -1 Small at 4 anima
    -Kill 2 large inactives after the 4th drain

    6:20 Hard Enrage timer using this method.
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    If you 2 heal it and have decent dps I do not recommend killing large inactives at all in order to extend the enrage. You risk accidentally spawning a large golem which is pretty much an instant wipe unless the boss is sub 15% or something. You will kill the boss in sub 5 minutes with a 3 tank 2 heal strategy even assuming awful dps. You have plenty of time.

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    The Vox strat says they used 2 tanks and 3 healers, not 2 healers.

    There is no way to simplify the fight if you can't zerg it, its just an annoyingly hard fight to perfect.

    My suggestion would be to add a healer OR add a tank. Both have their benefits. An extra healer is a pretty obvious benefit but an extra tank will make the clean up that much faster because the massive tanks just drag one down each side to clean up the little golems.

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    At this gear level it's possible to 3 tank 3 heal though I wouldn't reccomend it. There's no reason to not bring a 3rd tank though. It makes the anima check before the first siphon much easier and with vengeance they will pull as much as a dps.

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    3 tank 2 heal is the easiest strat, if your tanks (like in my guild) are kinda derps. We put in 5-10 attempts 2 tanking and consistently had a problem with our prot paladin lagging behind on filling up the massives before the first siphon anima. 3 tank strat yielded a kill after ~80 attempts. 3 tank 3 heal is very very possible, but largely depends on your RDPS. Just assign your 3rd healer to fill up the Large inactive with your Ele, since the shaman should be able to kill his and healer's golem within 20 seconds.

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    3 tank for sure (2 - 3 healer is up to you), get your DPS DK to go blood spec as suggested. Will still do a good amount of damage to the boss and make the first part of the fight a lot simpler, cutting down the time you spend on the encounter.

    If he isn't confident to do so, it's a very easy job. Just be liberal with CDs at the start (usually I'll roll VB + DRW, into IBF and ghoul sac if necessary). Collect golems, dps boss and profit. You can probably expect the boss to die in around 5minutes or so.

    ps. to answer your final questions - to simplify the fight greatly get yourself a warlock and lol at the matter swaps

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    How does a warlock help with the matter swaps?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Samell View Post
    How does a warlock help with the matter swaps?
    They dont die to matter swaps.

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    I don't have any answers, but my group is at the same point, running 2 tanks 3 healers. We didn't get him this week but we SHOULD have him next week, just a matter of not making mistakes. Best attempt was a 3% wipe.

    This fight is certainly a bit...finicky. So many moving parts where a single thing going wrong means a wipe. Wonder how Lei shen is going to be compared to him...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Samell View Post
    How does a warlock help with the matter swaps?
    Healers don't have to bother with timing dispels, mainly due to Soul Link (shared dmg taken between player and their demon) and also the various other survivability tools warlocks have. They can just let the debuff run out and let the lock take the "100%" damage hit. The healers know where the damage is going, and how much the lock will take

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    My guild went 2 tanks 3 healers for the kill, using 3 tanks 2 healers wasnt working out too well, it gave us stability on the pull and the pre syphom phase but it wasnt enought to keep us up trought the interupting jolts later on the fight. Once you get the hang of doing the pull with 2 tanks its much better to run with 3 healers instead of 3 tanks, your third tank is kinda excesive on the later parts of the fight, 2 can hold both massive animas and the boss just fine.

    The boss is a pain tough and once you kill him youre gona feel super great, he is very hard and beating him is quite a feat. Lei Shen is hard as well but I feel its way more fun to progress on him tham on DA, fight seens a lot less dependant on randomness and way better structured.

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    3 tank is by far the easiest way to do it.. but it's still a crappy rng fight. And have a warlock soak all the matter swaps helps a ton too

    to explain, when you have matter swap you go stack on one end of the warlock portal while the warlock is at the other hand, you get dispelled, he swaps with you, you both take the portal back to your spots and it's gg.
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    We 2 tank 3 heal it, tryed 3 tanking, but honestly it feels the 3rd tank is useless, you can have a dps on the boss for quite some time instead. Here is what we do:
    everyone has an add. 4 dpsers kill theirs in 2 inactive large, 5th kills his and taunts a 6th add from a healer(we use ret paly here) but any dps rolle will attract an add from a healer so it can be any(those go in the 3rd inactive large one). I take 3 from the begining(prot pala), use all cds, solo 1, ask for pain sup and barier, and take another from my disc priest. I kill 3 in total, leaving 1 active to run with me for vengeance, killing it as 8th or 9th add in the massive one. That makes 4 active 5 inactive in the first massive. The other tank has animus and 1 small on him. At this point there are 2 small ones alive and 8 inactive. The tank on animus takes the massive i have filled, while i take the last small active from the raid(the one on the tank lives untill deactivated from animus, since you don't want empowers to go on the massives from early on), and i activate the second massive. Ranged help me kill the active while i kill inactives. After that i take the boss, other tank takes second massive so my stacks will fall off. I take the adds from him after that and all you need to do after this point is get xp on your tanks when they need cds and how to rotate them. Unfortunately i never do the same to tell u at X stacks i use this or that. Your tank needs to watch how much dmg each slam does and have an idea what to do for next.
    With 540 ilvl you shouldn't have any issues with tanks surviving, but back then you would see masive golems being bigger than dark animus due to empowers. It kinda reminds me of nefarian where adds grow with time, i had a skeleton bigger than nef at a certain pont :X.

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    We 2 tank / 2 healed it for our kill a couple of weeks ago.

    We considered 3 tanking it, but there just wasn't much of a requirement. Having a Prot Paladin makes it quite simple however.

    Depending on RNG with which inactives you get each reset, the pull can be a pain, but with a bit of wiggling around the Prot Paladin should be able to drop a Consecration on one golem, Judgement on another and Avenger's Shield on a 3rd. Don't blow all your CDs until the 2nd of the 3 Golems is just about to reach you.

    This is what we do:

    3 Inactive Large Golems get filled by 6 DPS and their golems.
    3 Small Anima Golems go to the Prot Paladin and are killed into the Massive Anima Golem (tip: use Execution Sentence on Dark Animus when the 1st Anima Golem dies for a 3-6M damage attack!)
    Other tank picks up the boss and one Small Anima Golem.

    Kill 2 of the Small Anima Golems and then run down one side, filling up the Massive with Inactive Small Anima Golems. Be careful not to have the Massive you are filling further away than Large Golems nearby!
    If the healers are having trouble keeping you up (which is possible when 2 healing!), then kill the 3rd Anima Golem that the Prot Paladin had at the start as well.

    Once the DPS have filled their Inactive Large Golems, the ranged DPS should get the healer's Golem's down to about 20%, so that the Prot Paladin can taunt them in and kill them into whichever Massive he likes at any time. This will vary depending on what the best path between Inactives you've found is.

    Activate the 2nd Massive once the first is full, you'll probably need to double back and clear some Inactive Small Anima Golem's in the middle, before doing the other side. Make sure you reset your stacks - I usually reset at 5-6, when tanking both Massives. If you Divine Shield and instantly cancel it (/cancelaura Divine Shield), you won't drop aggro.

    Fill the 2nd Massive one - I usually kill one healer add into the first Massive and the other healer add into the 2nd Massive. This all the above steps should be completed in under 2 minutes, prior to Anima Siphon starting, to ensure that the Interrupting Jolt is delayed as long as possible.
    At the point, there should be one Small Anima Golem left allive, on the Dark Animus tank. It should be fairly low from passive cleave.

    When Dark Animus hits 64 energy, we kill the Small Anima Golem into a Massive (at this point Siphon has reduced energy sufficiently to fit it in). This delays the Interrupting Jolt further - you could also leave it up, delaying an Empowered Golem cast, but that's not much of an issue in current gear levels.

    The tank with the 2 Massives, should be stood at the back of the boss and hammer him as hard as possible. Tank swap at 8-10 stacks, depending on what externals / personal CDs you have available. We then tank swap again as soon as my stacks have dropped off, as my ilvl is 546 and our Prot Warrior is 525 (the boss hits like pish), but it's up to you! DKs can stack drop as well afaik, but Paladin's will have Divine Shield off cooldown shortly thereafter so can drop them a second time if needed.

    Things which will stop you killing the boss:
    People getting hit by Anima Font - including tanks! It does a LOT of damage.
    The Massive Golem tank getting Matter Swapped when clearing round the room - make sure there are always ranged DPS stood further out.
    Matter Swap - get the dispel timing right or you'll own people.
    Matter Swap - make sure to have a ranged DPS at the entrance of the room and one where Dark Animus originally stood. This controls Matter Swap locations.
    Interrupting Jolt - need a good cooldown rotation here. If your DPS is good and no one dies, then you can easily kill the boss with only 2 Jolts. I would say plan for 3 Jolts and amend from there once you get into the main phase more regularly.

    Hope some of that may be useful.

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