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    This thread is about 40 posts of carebears repeating eachother. If your not go an a anything at least use different words than the last guy.

    Oh, and the 'tediousness', is called gameplay. It kept each toon more valuable since they couldn't be mass produced. But w.e, keep blowing through tons of content so you can farm the same faceroll content at max level for weeks.
    I feel you, man.

    There were definitely challenging parts in leveling. Sneaking through small caves, trying not to pull too many mobs because 3+ mobs meant certain death for some classes. Having no idea where to do your quests, until you finally couldn't be bothered to search anymore and looked things up on Thottbot. Running - either mounted or on foot - through a pack of mobs and PRAYING that they wouldn't daze you, as that would mean the death of you or at the very least slow you down for a while. I remember taking time to farm certain items that would give me insane DPS boosts while leveling - Corpsemaker, Thrash Blade. I decked my 32 mage out in blues and enchanted every piece, and was proud of being able to do 130 DPS at that level where others only did 80.

    Leveling these days just ain't the same. By the time I'm halfway through a zone all my quests are green, some even grey. Rarely do you stumble upon other players. Heirlooms and the time it takes to level these days (both with and without 'looms) made it redundant to farm special items. Call me nostalgic but I miss the tediousness. Made you appreciate your char a LOT more than it does today.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cows For Life View Post
    It was just a time sink. Very few people doing instances other than Deadmines, SM, or BRS. Running out of quests once you get beyond the level 30-40 range. Having huge zones with only one flight master at the very edge. No direct flight paths between many points. Quests that were bugged or gave no hint as to what to do. All that adds up to a lot of time doing nothing interesting.
    Quote Originally Posted by madassa648 View Post
    "Yeah I remember way back when...back when the content ground to a shuddering, embarassed halt at about 50 and it became wold of grind dwarfs in the blasted lands. Yeah those were the days..."

    Disregard nostalgia goggles.
    There was NEVER any time where you ran out of quests. Even when purposedly trying to avoid blue XP, you would still have entire zones untouched when you reached 60 without having grinded ever.

    As usual, people using the retarded "nostalgia" cliché prove that they have no idea what they are talking about and just parrot the same canned answers they saw posted everywhere without regard for actual facts.
    Quote Originally Posted by hitandruntactic View Post
    No, I don't coz it was never hard to reach max level. Longer, no, its not either. It takes the same time to go from 1-90 as it did 1-70 in BC, provided you don't have heirlooms, guild perks, and numerous other passive xp boosters everyone tends to have these days.
    Completely wrong. It's already between three and four times quicker to reach max level in WotLK than it was in BC (starting from scratch without any help nor accelerated XP), and it has only became even quicker since then.

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    People chat about the old instances taking about 2 hours (or if you was insane, tried a full BRD clear which took about 6 hours + respawns Fun!*). Now days most folks who played back then have a job and after spending all day at the office you want to do something a bit more than spend 2 - 3 hours wiping in an instance to get just one thing at the end of it, assuming its not ninajed by the hunter who needs that caster ring to help with his mend pet (not bitter at all....)

    take me for example. I finish work at 6, come in, get something to eat, have a shower etc, by then its about 7. I pop on wow, do a few instances and some dalies and then log off at about half 8 - 9 ish. 'Back in the good old days' which I lived through and still have a nervous tick when someone says 'BRD' to me, I'd come in, log on, spend 45 minutes looking for folks going to say...Stratholme living, then spend another 15 minutes travelling, then spend about 3 hours in the instance and get nothing else done that night.

    fuck that noise.

    Yes there were some good things about vanilla (old AV) and the fact it was all new, shiny and huge, but I prefer the game now. There's things like A story, you can actually see raids without having to join a huge souless raiding guild in the vain hope that your class leader that night won't just decide to use all his DKP points on MC drops to cheer himself up after his cat died, because fuck the rest of the rogues and the one fury warrior who needed daggers.

    Vanilla was good for its time and it was enjoyable but the game is better now. If Blizz went 'you know what..fuck it. you want a vanilla server? Here you go!' and gave those who yowl and shriek like cats for Vanilla servers what they want they would flock to them and then give up in disgust, nostalgia goggles smashed and broken on the floor.

    What people either forget or pointedly ignore is things like this

    "Hi I'm a warrior, I use axes and swords to kill my enemes!" [Game] Pfft no you're a tank. "But..I don't want to be a tank..." [Game] See this tier gear? See those stats. You're a tank. Yeah same with you Priests and Druids, you're now healers and buff bitches, Pallys...hope you like buffing 40 people one at a time every 5 minutes...each one costing a reagent thats quite pricey.

    Leveling professions. THE GRIND and the need for high level items. Leather workers for example needed drops off the trolls in Jintha'alor, an outside instance chocka block full of fast spawning elites who were from level 48 - 52. Elite. And you needed to go there when you was about level 45 if you had kept your profession up with your LW. Blacksmiths ended out needing to go to Silithus to make the phantom blade for example as there was the highest drop rate chances.

    The horrible quest lay outs. Lets take the shaman quests for example to get your water totem. Ogrimmar, ratchet, southern barrens, ogrimmar, Undercity, Silverpine, tarren mill, silverpine, undercity, ogrimmar, ratchet quest done. At the end of this multi-hour long extravaganza where you had to RUN everywhere because you're in your 20's, have been torn apart by at least two Elite Sons of Arugal twice, gotten lost three times, blundered into the alliance farm and got torn apart there by packs of yolwing farmers, you get....a water totem. Woooooooooooooooo....I was SO glad when I finally did it. I didn't snarl 'is that fucking it!?' at the completion of that quest chain at all...

    Vanilla by todays standards is shit. If blizz was derp enough to make vanilla servers for the whiners, they would be barren and empty within a few weeks.

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