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    Question Not really happy with my Warrior,seeking advice/help!

    I stopped playing WoW all the way back in WotLk and started again now,with late MoP. Im very interested to play again,and to have some great raid experiences as i had back in the days. So im really bored and i dont have fun,but i feel like i need to play the game,to explore the new content and i need to find the thing thats fun for me.
    But theres a (for me) huge obstacle. Which Class should i play?
    First,i got a rogue to 90. It was kinda cool,everything new (never played rogue before). after some time i really disliked the repeating gameplay and i had a huge pain to get a warrior to 90. Back in wrath of the lich king,i mained a warrior,fury and tank. Fury is at very low dps atm,and feels kinda bad to play. The dps is very low,and it isnt much fun to me,i cant really describe why.
    So i though about respeccing to tank. but how? i got full fury gear atm,and it would take long time to farm heros again to get full tank gear.
    I just dont know what i should play :/ Tested a Paladin and Druid on PTR today,but the massiveness of all new spells is just too much for me,but i like the idea to be able to play all specs. The only thing that really keeps me from creating a new toon is leveling,its a pain for me. Im very slow at questing and i need like
    almost a month,in my holidays when i have almost the whole day to play... i know,very bad.
    So what are things i could do that make my Warrior more fun?
    Should i reroll again? and take the pain of leveling? What is more "fun" Druid or Paladin?

    BTW: Im currently at 496 with my Rogue and 470 with my Warrior (which makes it much more a pain,gear grinding is very boring). Also,how can i get into ToT? everyone only looks for people that have experience and atleast 10 kills in non hero... kinda "you have to get experience to get into the raid,but you can only get it in the raid" :/

    Idea: Maybe i should do a complete reroll on an alliance server,with one of the classes im interested in? which are good EU alliance PvE oriented servers?
    I kinda like this idea actually... maybe i should try this. i've played horde since .... forever.

    Thanks ALOT in advance and sorry for my bad english,its late and its not my motherlanguage. And sorry in general,the text i wrote consists more of random ideas and things that came into my brain :D

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    I'm sorry but we don't allow "Choose My Class" threads here. There is a wealth of information available in the class forums (which either have guides or links to guides) to help you make your choice.

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