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    Why are people so anti-daily?

    The more and more time goes on I keep seeing people complain and say how it's unfair you have to do dailies. It's like y'all are scared to leave a capital city almost.
    Personally, I like them because it gives me something to do besides AFK in a capital city and hope I don't miss the que popping up. But this also brings up the topic of the bulging bags of charms. Everyone is saying its a way to make money because Blizzard put dailies into the game to force you to do to them to get anywhere..? I never did any almost on my pally and he's got full ToT LFR gear with some normal ToT pieces now. Never did use the bonus rolls...because they are BONUS rolls. Not something that you're forced to do. If you wan't something to help gear you easier, why complain about it?

    But all in all, it takes me maybe 2 hours to do all the dailies on my warrior at the most and I end up with over 1,000g, several spirits of harmony normally, lots of enchanting mats, and something do while waiting for LFR or BG's to pop up. So why are people so anti dailies in your opinion? Some people are honestly acting like they are hitler and dailies are the jews during the holocaust on how big of a deal it is with them...don't know why still.

    P.S. Those of you that don't like them, did you play during BC? Dailies were a blast back then when getting max flying to go everywhere to do them was NOT easy :P

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    Because doing the same boring thing over and over every day that you do for the reward it gives instead of because it's fun is called having a job.

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    First and foremost; I cannot believe you made a Hitler reference. I realize it's an ongoing joke on the Internet that every discourse eventually brings up Hitler but seriously? I can barely consider your post as having any meaning at this point. That being said...

    I've never encountered discourse against daily quests that implied a lack of wanting to move around Azeroth. Quite the contrary, the argument I encounter the most is that daily quests are dull and repetitive and that players want something more dynamic so that they don't feel like they are doing homework or chores. The answer Blizzard came up with is to provide a greater variety of potential daily quests ... but that brings about its own problems when they also tie Achievements into any factions daily quests.

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    It isn't a job though. You don't have to do them to get good gear. It's completely optional.

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    dailies are not that bad, unless you do like 20-30 of them every day

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gdcotton View Post
    It isn't a job though. You don't have to do them to get good gear. It's completely optional.
    Sure, if you don't mind missing a potential heroic thunderforged item each week from charms.

    Ask yourself the question: would you do dailies if they didn't give gold and charms? Purely for the "enjoyment" of doing the same quest the 20th time?
    If you say yes, then go back to Firelands or Isle of Quel'Danas and do the dailies there. Every day. Since they give no relevant rewards there is nothing wrong with doing them purely for their gameplay value and fun, right?

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    Self quote from another thread:

    Quote Originally Posted by Granyala
    I still hate the "daily" system because it doesn't provide flexibility.

    I'm not a constant individual. Some days I don't want to play, some days I can't have enough. A game should allow such flexibility and not constantly say:
    "Naah you have done all you can for the day!" (My answer: But I'm having fun, I want to do more!)
    "Dude, you should log in and do your stuff today, can't do it tomorrow!". (My answer: But I'm not in the mood today, I do twice tomorrow.)

    THAT is the gripe I have with "daily-anything".

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    First, living in the past aint nice.
    Doing tons of daily to get epic mount might've been fine in tbc, however those days they are mainly used for reputation.
    No one like to come home from work to do another work.
    People play the game for fun, and for some of them daily quests just arent.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Gdcotton View Post
    It isn't a job though. You don't have to do them to get good gear. It's completely optional.
    You must be new in here: On Mists Launch ALL Valor Items required a reputation Grind with dailies. And the Factions Klaxxi&Golden Lotus have Epic Quest had a Reputation requirement before you could start grinding reputation of other factions so for some Valor Items you had to grind Reputation of two Factions (exclusively over daily quests). Not only that, but Klaxxi&Golden Lotus reward an epic Item at Exalted Reputation if you complete all their quests, so it was mandatory to it was mandatory to do all their daily Quest chains every day for a Month if you were a Raider. You see, they were far from optional my son.

    But now on Topic "Why are people so anti-daily?"
    Iceccrown Citadely was also mandatory for cool items just like Pandaland dailies, but people didn't mind the mandatoriness by default. My Opinion is that a lot of the Dailies simply blowed, especially Golden Lotus. Each day you got 3 gated questchains, most of which had one called "kill 6-8 Mogu" so to get Exalted you had to kill 600 Mogu which gets old. If you chose to continue doing them after Exalted for a chance on the cool Cloud Serpent Mount, you could have easily ended up with killing 10 000Mogu until you got it (you still can).
    But wait, there's more: Some of the other quests like "Burn Mogu Banners" or "collect Mogu Gems" were horribly overcrowded and could easily end up taking a half hour at launch and for some weeks after. In addition to that, occasionally TreasureChest Keys either dropped from Mobs or as Quest Reward - shame that way more keys dropped than chests spawned. One of my Alts still has some Keys even though he sometimes revisited the chest Location rather frequently for weeks after he stopped getting Keys.
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    They aren't anti-daily, they are anti-dailies where those dailies are the only way to get important upgrades.

    Especially when it's set up in the shockingly retarded way that it was at the start of MoP, where you couldn't even fucking spend your heard-earned valor without doing countless dailies. And god forbid you have an alt you enjoy raiding with or whatever, because then you'll need to be doing all dailies TWICE, or resign yourself to the fact that you'll never get to spend any of that valor.

    There are tons of other reasons, but instead of making a thread like this, read the countless other threads about it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by devla View Post
    Because doing the same boring thing over and over every day that you do for the reward it gives instead of because it's fun is called having a job.
    That's exactly the same as raiding. Or infact any game you ever play.

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    Anyone who hasn't already got enough Lesser Charms for the rest of the expansion saved up clearly wasn't trying hard enough during the first month.

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    I think it's easy to say "well, they are option (in some cases), so nobody is FORCING you to do them", but when you get caught up in this cycle where you just want nothing more than to finish the rep to get the reward, then every day you "optionally" choose not to do them is another day you put off finally finishing them.

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    People hate dailies because at some point some one in a position of influence said they hated dailies and that they were "mandatory" with MoP.
    Now it is the cool thing to hate on and to blame the game for, as there is essentially nothing poorly done in MoP.

    Dailies are entirely option now, and anyone who says otherwise is very inexperienced with how the game works and how dailies used to work.
    No reason to hate them, because if you don't enjoy them you can just choose not to do them.

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    i havent done a daily in serval month now :P

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    If there were less of them and the rewards were greater, then I wouldn't have anything against them. But 5+ quests per faction every day gets repetitive. 1-3 is enough, but the rewards need to be 5x better.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Harmonious View Post
    That's exactly the same as raiding. Or infact any game you ever play.
    The difference is that raiding is fun, as are other games I choose to play. Dailies aren't.

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    No one needs to do dailies now, and of course they were always optional, but most progression raiders feel that they need to do everything available in the game to progress as fast as possible. That's just the culture of WoW. Early in the expansion, doing dailies felt mandatory for raiders since it was tied to progression. Couldn't spend valor points without the reputation. The dailies were not particularly fun in and of themselves, but if you didn't do it, your valor points would go to waste and your gear progression slowed. By not doing everything you can to improve your character as fast as you can, you fail to make yourself as valuable an asset to your raid team as you could be. Back then in Tier 14, not doing dailies to spend valor points and gear up quicker was like not enchanting your gear or not leveling professions. It was basically slacking off, which is why people felt compelled to do them. You can say they were optional sure, and they were, but it was a catch 22 for raiders. If you didn't do them you felt like you were slacking off, but if you did they were a repetitive pain in the ass. The Devs have even admitted that they felt mandatory and have moved away from that model as the expansion progressed.

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    Because of work, i had to quit wow 2 months into mists ... when i came back 2 months ago (june), i did all the rep grinds/dungeons and lfr.
    Im now ilvl 533, and with that amount of charms i hope i dont have to touch a daily again until next expansion!!

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    One word - grind. Doing something only for sake of mandatory reward, not for sake of enjoying process itself.
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