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    I needs help, new to shaman raiding

    Alright, I'm doing it... I am changing my main from a blood DK, to a resto/ele sham.

    Current xp on shaman is, meh... I've done T14 post-nerfs several times, tot bits and pieces 11/12 NM with no Ji-Kun kill, don't ask why (pugs are a pain in the ass). All as resto, ele in LFR only just for grins, never really tried it out. I'm 3/13 HM on my tank, so I have a bit of raiding xp, just all as tank.

    Making the switch just due to what we need for our team in 5.4 and a heals/dps hybrid is needed and duties fall to me. So, i'm switching.. and I'm terrified of sucking.

    On the the real reason for this post, basically, what advice can you seasoned veterans of shaman class give me for resto and ele. I've read the guides, watched the videos, askmrrobot, blah blah, but what isn't included in those guides that I will miss? Just general knowledge of healing a raid and dpsing. I've been a tank since cata, so making a huge role switch for main raiding, whole different feel.

    I don't think I have any logs.... will check this out after I post this and edit if necessary. I must get use to being squishy and not being able to stand in the face of the boss and give him the finger.

    Thank you for any advice you can give this scared and new main shammy.


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    Read the many posts people have here asking for help and see where they went wrong/right to get an idea of where you might be falling short.

    I wouldn't worry so much about sucking and more about getting used to the class and all that is available to you and how to use it at first.

    If you feel you've read a lot, then it's time to take it into practice. I can't suggest using Heroic Scenarios enough to get yourself used to your spec/bindings/spells/all while being aware of not standing in crap/avoiding stuff. Once 5.4 comes live Proving Grounds will help with this as well. But Heroic Scenarios will put pressure on you to get things done.
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    not sure what you're looking for. if you've done all the reading up, you just need to get out there an practice a bit

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    work on the Legendary quest line! The LMG is a nice dps increase for ele and the cloak works for both specs. I currently play ele MS and resto OS and I seem to do fine reforging for ele on shared pieces and then when you have resto only gear you can maximize it depending on your professions (i.e. jc gems, etc.) If you are going to be resto ms you may want to do different. Either way gear makes a huge difference for ele, whereas resto I have always been able to keep up being a tier behind in gear while our MS healers gear up. Use Mana tide early and often, as well as timing your cds as resto really does have strong cds when used right.

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