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    How do you counter singed?

    So i was playing against singed as wukong yesturday, and was reading how difficult the match up would be from a wukong guide. It said that if you dont shut him down early, you're gonna have a bad time. So i did just that, i had 2 kills on him before he was level six, and i had 1 kill on their nautilus jungler, but still after he reached level 6, i just couldnt do anything to him. Everything i did to him just tickled, every time our jungler came to gank, he just ran away with his ultimate. We lost the game in the end, but it wasnt because of singed.

    So yeah, would seriously like to know, so i can be more prepared in the future.


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    You don't really counter singed. The only thing you can do is win your lane and win the game. You're going to have to commit to staying in lane to truly counter him in which you'll be useless or you should play Tryndamere/Yi/etc vs him so you can just split as well. Always build a hydra vs Singed if you plan to stay in lane and counter his splitting.

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    It depends on who you play, really.

    As wukong, just cs as much as you can without getting too close. You can farm under tower as singed will most probably have pushed lane with poison, or if he's standing back, run up and cs, back away as soon as he moves. If he uses his W and starts running towards you, this is a gank, get out of there ASAP.

    EQW combo works okay too because it gives him very little time to react to you and flip you, and even if he does flip you, he most likely doesn't have his poison where he flipped you (after you comboed him)

    Other than that, don't chase, watch for ganks, try and stay to the bushes, or don't pick wu into a singed. =]

    Oh, remember that you don't need to have 100% hp all the time, but try and stay above 50%.

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    You got off on the right foot. You got a few kills on him.

    Wukong can snowball incredibly hard and with his damage and ultimate, you can then demolish other lanes. It helps if you can take his tower, so it takes longer for him to split push.

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    Quote Originally Posted by WhenInRome View Post
    don't pick wu into a singed. =]
    Wukong is one of the stronger picks against Singed due to how strong he is early game. Additionally, you're advocating passive play early on, which is exactly the one thing you shouldn't be doing. Singed is at his weakest before level six and one mana item. If you do not abuse that, you're not going to get another chance.

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