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    Garrosh backup plan is to breed a bunch of 4-assed monkeys and take over the world. He cloned some half-assed monkeys, but had to burn that room.

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    Dont die on me!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by mizeri View Post
    we all know this couch
    What is this couch and why do 'we all' know it?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mmochampionuserone View Post
    What is this couch and why do 'we all' know it?
    I think it's amateur porn referance, though I'm not sure.

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    dnt let this thread die!

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    STOP TRYING TO HIDE GARROSH WE ALL KNOW YOU WHERE THERE! this explains a lot about his craziness imo.
    (i had made this img a while back and forgot to post, but now that your brought it back up i didnt want my crap pic to go unused :l)
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    Quote Originally Posted by T Man View Post
    This is fucking incredible. You win the thread.

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    “what are you doing with my little sister?!” Arthas yelled as he revved the engine on his Harley motorcycle.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Supahfraai View Post

    Continuing the C&H line...
    Hahahaha oh god! So good!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Renathras View Post

    Honestly, I have to say these are the best. Like this one or the Hooters girls or the chef ones. The ones where it looks like he's a normal person in relatively normal situations just chillin'. There's just something funny to me about this huge bulked out Orc in normal, every day situations.
    Someone really doesn't get it.. and it makes that image so much funnier lmao
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    We need some Garrosh and trevor

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    He's not on it
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    Great work Simulatio!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Dotmore View Post
    He's not on it

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    Hahaha nice one Simulatio!
    Beauty > Personality

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    I lol'd at the "Where's Waldo?" one.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Strafir View Post
    Someone really doesn't get it.. and it makes that image so much funnier lmao
    Remember that couch anywhere, Garrosh is in for some porn audition

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    My effort.

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