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    The Leper Gnomes, under their leader Thermaplugg, were working on world-conquest machines.
    The Leper Gnomes have their judgment impaired by their disease, they aren't inherently evil; go run Gnomeregan as a Gnome if you don't believe me. Also, Thermaplugg's vision of New Tinkertown encompasses...half of Dun Morogh. The half, incidentally, that trolls are trying to overrun anyway. That's not "world conquest," that's not even regional conquest.

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    at this point its going to become increasingly difficult for them to interest me in just about any story they try to tell. for me personally a lot of the story arcs that i fell in love with and played in the RTS games are/have been developed/finished. really the only thing left from any of the RTS games that i really care to have any closure about is KJ, the burning legion and Sargeras, but to be frank i dont know that i would even come back to play even if the next expansion deals with this issue.

    cataclysm and mop are both dealing with issues that i dont really care about. even though deathwing was in wc2 i was never terribly interested in his story and in my opinion whats going on with garrosh is just something thats been going on since the beginning of warcraft, internal struggle amongst a band of warriors. it happened in warcraft 1-3.

    not to be a debbie downer, ive always been a fan of the story of Warcraft but its time has passed i think.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tauror View Post
    Garrosh made sure that he was an Azerothian problem, when he nuked Theramore and went on a WMDs search. The rebellion is an internal issue, Garrosh wanting to destroy the Alliance and make Azeroth his to control is not.
    NO!! That's called WAR.. Theramore was and still is, a valid target.. Jaina had, on more than one occation, violated her self-proclaimed neutrality. Civilians had a whole week notice to leave the city, before it was removed from the surface of the planet. Any warchief of the Horde would have razed the city, not just Garrosh.
    This is why, Garrosh is NOT an Aliance problem, the WAR is a problemfor Alliance..

    There is not a single action, against the Alliance,that reflect directly back to Garrosh. It might reflect back on "the Warchief", but that's far from the same thing!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Tauror View Post
    Gnomeregan is an instance, making it a gameplay issue.

    Unless the NPCs can magically do the game designers work, don't see how the bridge can rebuilt by itself.

    But you are right, the bridge is not a gameplay issue.

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    The Leper Gnomes, under their leader Thermaplugg, were working on world-conquest machines.
    There is a dungeon instance called "gnomeregon" inside gnomeregon. when you first go into the city of gnomergon, its not an instance.

    Like i stated, it took 5 years for the devs to fix the bridge.................... seems everything alliance side is half a$$ed or partially written and then given up on.

    Thats probably why I switched all my toons to horde.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Buu View Post
    NO, I'll make a border thing and put it in all caps, so you can't pretend anymore it wasn't said
    People do read it. The problem is you are wrong. The very fact you are trying to make the claim the Alliance races had as much development as the Hordes is plainly ridiculous.


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