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    RaF leveling route question

    Hey guys

    Im currenlty RaFing with myself (i have friends! I promise ) and i was wondering if anyone know a good route to take or something.
    I im leveling a monk and im lvl 22 atm. I can get boosted through various dungeons, but probably only the ones that are easy to mass pull and with tons of mobs, likes stockades andstuff.

    So if anyone know a good questing route and/or know the op boosting dungeons id love to hear it <3

    (Ps: im on my phone, in the middle of nowere, so i spendt 10 years or something to get here. So im sorry if theres tons of threads like this :/

    Thanks in advance <3


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    Your already doing it right, just the dungeon boosting is all.

    The travel time for questing vs the dungeons (let alone being boosted) goes alot faster when doing dungeons. I dual box myself in dungeons (usually without being boosted). It normally pays off assuming you don't wipe consistently and can get back in there fast. Thats assuming you don't die alot.

    Just follow the LFD numbers for what dungeon to do.

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    Really? I'd still think that questing, since it gives more XP per hour than dungeons, would still be king at 300%...after all, that's just a straight increase.

    I'd do dungeons to 20, then quest and do each dungeon only once for the quests in them.

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