View Poll Results: Do you have a blood elf character at level 90?

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  • Yes a female one or more at max level

    80 32.13%
  • Yes a male one or more at max level

    46 18.47%
  • BOTH at max level

    35 14.06%
  • NONE

    88 35.34%
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    Belfiest of all the Blood Elves, how many do you have one?

    I have three total characters all blood elves at level 90, 530-540 I level all three of them.
    I'm the Belfiest of all the Blood elves.
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    ah man, your hardcore bro
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    I have 6 human chars. Am I the humaniest of all humans now?

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    I have zero blood elf characters, let alone at 90.

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    I have 8 blood elves at max level and 1 at level 88. Every class but druid and shaman of course.

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    Most classes I have that can be blood elves are blood elves.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Emfg View Post
    I have 6 human chars. Am I the humaniest of all humans now?
    No, because I thought that was the only Alliance race, at least it seems so in random bgs.

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    Number of Belves does not guarantee quality of Belves, ty! lol Well "max level" for my unspeakable location, yes. I only have one, at least at present. Males are best, they're adorable, though I prefer them on the more masculine side, as far as Blood Elves go. (Rogues <3) Adore the one I have and in some way I'm actually oddly a little weary of making another and unintentionally taking the spotlight away from this one. Though his Death Knight father exists on another, lesser played server.

    I don't have any female ones. Originally had one created, but wasn't played. The male Belf replaced her instead with a male version of her name. The girls.. I dunno, they just look too mad all the time to me. And the NPC "s" sounds make my ears bleed enough as it is.
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    I had one female blelf but I changed her to troll because troll race best race.

    I generally dislike elves.
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    My main is a lvl 90 Blood Elf (male). I have 5 other lvl 90's, each of them a different race (Troll, Goblin, Worgen, Tauren, Undead), also male. My next highest Blood Elf is a female lvl 58 DK I put on a non-CRZed zone for rare pets.

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    I used to have a belf character, but I deleted it. Don't really have anything against elves, just some of the people that play them.
    Anyway I got like 99% Forsaken characters, it's my race of choice most of the time.

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    lol @ no one has one majority
    Think for yourself.

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    Why would I want a Blood Elf?

    Trolls suit ALL needs, with the exception of Paladins, which Tauren takes care of..
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    I have 3 trolls at max level. Does this make me the trolliest troll?

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    I wouldn't think this was something to brag over.

    I only have one horde toon, and it's a female Tauren, nowhere near level cap.

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    None, never have, and never will. Most cartoony-looking race and scrawny besides.

    I think I have more humans than any other race out of the ~11 level 90s I have (11=one of each class, right? I've lost count...) but that's purely because I make characters based on how specific sets of armor look on specific races. I have one Draenei male and two female, two female night elves, and the rest are human males and females. I have a few lower-level dwarves and one level 84 twink gnome, but they mostly reside on an account I rarely ever activate.
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    Quote Originally Posted by endersblade View Post
    None, never have, and never will. Most cartoony-looking race and scrawny besides.
    Scrawny? Male BE are the most well proportioned models in the game. It's not their fault that the other models make bodybuilders look like pussies.

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    I have three belves! but one of them is awaiting a race change in case Orcs end up looking like Thrall. Two are 90's, a female hunter (main) and a male monk making his first purples (he will probably become an Orc) and a DK making his way through the 70's (he loves disco)

    I don't really like blood elves per se, but It's the closest to play an undead elf. I just love Sylvanas so much.

    But if they add pointy ears for forsaken, both the Hunter and the DK are going to get race changed so hard and fast, their necks will spin out of their sockets and fall off.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Alasuya View Post
    I have three total characters all blood elves at level 90, 530-540 I level all three of them.
    I'm the Belfiest of all the Blood elves.

    Blood Elves, Priest, hunter, mage and 2x paladins. All lvl 90 and geared between 480 to 540.
    All male characters as I only own 1 female character total out of about 90 characters. 13 lvl 90's, with 3 in the works to be soon 88+.

    Though, I don't seem myself as a "Belfiest belf".
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    You people are disgusting. For 8 years now i have played nothing but orcs. You could say im the orciest of the orcs. Its never too late to repent lads. Make an orc. Join the master race.

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