View Poll Results: Do you have a blood elf character at level 90?

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  • Yes a female one or more at max level

    80 32.13%
  • Yes a male one or more at max level

    46 18.47%
  • BOTH at max level

    35 14.06%
  • NONE

    88 35.34%
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    Quote Originally Posted by Gimlix View Post
    omg i never saw that set combined, i want one aswell, looks sick!
    The aldor style is more fitting on a draenei imo.

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    Quote Originally Posted by taurenguard View Post
    The aldor style is more fitting on a draenei imo. (Without helmet) (With helmet)
    "Not all who wander are lost" - Velen

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    I'm pretty cosmopolitan in my tastes. My 90s are:

    Troll Druid F
    Night Elf Druid F
    Troll Shaman M
    Undead DK M
    Undead Monk M
    Blood Elf Paladin M
    Tauren Priest F
    Orc Mage F

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    Only got 1 female blood elf at level 85, still has to arrive at Pandaria. Sounds really boring to have so many characters of the same race and gender... All of my 11 characters on my realm is a different race

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    None, never will. They are so skinny it hurts my eyes Their BMI must be around 16 or so.

    Quote Originally Posted by Oldstrong View Post
    You people are disgusting. For 8 years now i have played nothing but orcs. You could say im the orciest of the orcs. Its never too late to repent lads. Make an orc. Join the master race.
    haha, the same for me....I played my tauren shaman for 6 years before I leveled another character past 20 ;-)

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    I have 11 Horde toons and zero Belfs.

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