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    Known recipe colorization

    Hi guys, I'm looking for an addon that can colorize the known recipes or some other things I already have(like pets and mounts) in the auction house frame or vendor frame. I found an addon "RecipeKnown" on Curse.com but it didn't work and the project had stopped. Anyone knows an alternative?

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    well I know with recipes doesn't it work by clicking usable only check box?
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    AlreadyKnown is what I use.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Panacia View Post
    AlreadyKnown is what I use.
    still works?

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    ARL does this.

    Green = All your toons with the appropriate skill, already knows this recipe
    Yellow = Atleast one of your toons have the apropriate skill (and level) to learn it, but doesn't have it.
    Red = One of your toons can learn this recipe.
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