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    WoW Down to 7.7 Million Subscribers, Activision Blizzard Purchases Vivendi's Shares

    Forge Livestream Tomorrow, Fireside Chat #6 - Hunters, Forge, Art Contest

    WoW Down to 7.7 Million Subscribers
    Activision Blizzard's press release states that World of Warcraft is down to 7.7 million subscribers. This is a loss of 600,000 subscribers, down from 8.3 million last quarter. A call about the shares purchase will take place on July 26 at 8:30 AM ET, so check back then for any more comments on subscriber numbers.

    Activision Blizzard Purchases Shares From Vivendi
    Activision Blizzard is purchasing 429 million shares from Vivendi for $5.8 billion. This purchase is financed with $1.2 billion of cash that was on hand and $4.6 billion of debt proceeds, leaving them with a $1.4 billion of net debt at the end of the deal in September 2013.

    An investment group that includes Bobby Kotick and Brian Kelly, who put up $100 million together, as well as Tencent and other partners is purchasing 172 million shares for $2.3 billion. This group will own 24.9% of the company and Vivendi will retain ownership of 83 million shares (12%) of the company.
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    It's chaud, he doesn't post crap
    Quote Originally Posted by Boubouille View Post
    Yeah, we hate humor and we do not allow it. Last time someone tried to be funny we tracked him down with his IP and broke his leg, then we forced him to race change all his characters to female dwarves. If you think you can be funny on my forums, think twice. (Also I will actually track down and kill anyone using that as a signature)
    Yes, they mean it! Got a broken leg, a female Dwarf and an infraction. Don't mess with humor folks !

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    Wow i thought they subs would have gone down quicker.

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    Wow. Nice. Acti-Blizz is free now!

    Now there is no excuse for whiners to say, "Its all vivendi's fault."

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    Inb4 flame wow fest

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    I don't think this will change anything. Now, Blizzard splitting from Activison? That's something I would love to see.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Scoots View Post
    Wow. Nice. Acti-Blizz is free now!

    Now there is no excuse for whiners to say, "Its all vivendi's fault."
    To be fair people mostly said its activations fault, and now when they say that it could be true. I dont know whether Blizzard will still be independent in development, but hopefully this doesn't turn into another ea bioware.

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    I was going to say I already started a thread on this then I realized it's a News post by chaud Not sure how much this changes anything, but it's pretty big news either way.

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    That's not as bad as I thought it was gonna be. Looks like it will probably even out eventually though I'm sure they're gonna get a really big bump as soon as 5.4 comes out. This is to be expected though since it's basically a month or so until next patch. I know I was getting a little bored until I decided to level some alts and start gearing some others.

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    Ugh now I have to hear about the sub decline for months.

    Hey guys I have a pet hate in the game I'm going to blame the sub loss entirely on that and act as if that's justified.

    Quote Originally Posted by George View Post
    :O Is this really true? Do you have a source?
    LOL is all I can say.
    Quote Originally Posted by Tojara View Post
    Look Batman really isn't an accurate source by any means
    Quote Originally Posted by Hooked View Post
    It is a fact, not just something I made up.

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    Rogues can't shoot fireballs from their eyes, no wonder the subs dropped. GG blizzard

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    Quote Originally Posted by Scoots View Post
    Wow. Nice. Acti-Blizz is free now!

    Now there is no excuse for whiners to say, "Its all vivendi's fault."
    Honestly never heard of that, I hear people blaming activision more than anything, and I would too. Activision is probably right up there with EA for most greedy gaming company.

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    Well it is normal that Blizz looses subs, nowdays players have a lot of choices which game they want to play. This is not 2004 where there were like 4-5 serious MMOs on the market that WoW had to compete with. The time goes by and every quarter WoW will loose some of the subs, we have couple of big MMOs coming this and next year (Wildstar, TESO, ArchAge) and World of Darkness in 2015. Also ppl are getting used to new payment models, f2p and b2p and they refuse to pay monthly fee AND paying for expansions. I expect that at the end of 2014 WoW subs will lower to like 4-5 milion(firstly it will rise due to expansion if they release it next year, but then it will fall down hard like MoP), it still will be the biggest MMO on the market.

    This is probably the one and only MMO that have been operating for over 8 years with subs counted in milions, event TITAN project will not get so much subs, just because the market is different now than in 2004. Blizzard did a fantastic job, maybe i hate recent expansion and i don't play WoW anymore, but the memories and nostaliga will never leave me.
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    not as big of a loss as i expected.

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    I'm still playing.

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    Theme song for this thread and WoW in general:

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    It looks like Vivendi truly is desperate for money, being forced to do this deal at a 10% discount on share prices.
    Just be advised that with Acti-Blizz holding a current debt, we wont see any change in policy vis-à-vis Real Money Stores and the like.

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    I don't give the number of people playing the game much weight. If I enjoy the game, I'm going to play it regardless of 50 subs or 5 million. Couldn't care less. It's an old game, there's more competition for sub money and there's competition from Free-to-plays. It's not a surprise that numbers are going down and the days of 12 million are likely to return. Still just doesn't matter one bit.

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    If they keep loosing 600k per quarter soon nobody will be left. They better get their shit together and stop shitting on us players.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Scoots View Post
    Wow. Nice. Acti-Blizz is free now!

    Now there is no excuse for whiners to say, "Its all vivendi's fault."
    ive never seen anyone on here blame anyone but activision......

    600,000 sub loss? thats alot of subs and im sure more will leave wow too.
    Im sure we will see many threads pop up from the same old idiots throwing numbers about, mentioning subs on other mmo's while pretending to be one of 'blizzards shareholding accountancy developer designer ceo's' coming up with excuses trying to justify the loss...this plagued forum seems to be full of em.

    'Well the sub loss is because of <insert random bullshit here>, things will pick up <insert more random bullshit here>....WELL SWTOR AND RIFT ONLY HAVE XXXK SUBS bla bla bla, WOW IS KING WOW IS KING ('

    edit- well didnt take long, i see above posters with the 'well a month before patch' 'this is expected' crap lol fucking take off your blinkers seriously.
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