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    Leveling to 95/100 or something different? Paragon system?

    If the next wow expansion comes out, and they increase the level cap again, for one i hope its not 100, but 95 doesn't seem right either, i'm pretty torn on if i would even level again, i like quests and i like the content but after almost 9 years now the whole leveling process has me so burnt out, i cant even bring myself to get my 2nd and 3rd 85 to 90 right now in MOP.

    Leveling used to be my favorite thing to do in wow, i love alts and experiencing the content through another class or even spec, loved doing dungeons and exploring...but wow hasn't had that epic experience in years for me. They have dumbed down leveling so much that even leveling and feeling like you have achieved something cool like finishing a whole zone (at the level it was meant to be)

    just seem worthless, and then you have loremaster achievements but there is no real fun in going back at 90 and clearing level 20 mobs for quests that have no value whatsoever, but to add 1 quest to your total for an achievement system that doesn't even give you rewards other than saying you did it.

    I think if wow is going to be making some game changing things (they have to, to survive) i think they need to make a new leveling system or something we can sink our teeth into that doesn't require the same old boring questing/dungeon grind get xp and hit level cap in a week or 2, rush and get it done...and then do it x10 on alts for another year and a half.

    With diablo 3's paragon system i always thought it would be cool to have something like that in wow, like say they leave the cap at 90, but now to gain progression on your characters you have a whole new system where you are actively pursuing new things, rewards besides another number. Like maybe combine ideas from Rift's Planar Attunement and have increases to things like weapon damage, spec bonuses, bonuses to crafting...the sky is the limit really.

    Imangine you get to 90, and then the game truly begins over again, as you now have say 100 more paragon levels each more daunting than the last, that takes months to get to the end, make it for the first time wow history that not everyone is going to be the same level, by that i mean what would happen if raids now required 90, and paragon 4 minimum, but cap said raid at a certain paragon level say 10.

    So for example now you are level 90 but with the stat/bonuses continue going, you get to Paragon 4, but some people could be actively working on paragon 5 or 6 etc, but the raids or content can be scaled down to an equal level for all, make mininum level req and a cap, but even when not raiding you can continue to "level" and progress

    Make gear that can scale with your paragon level....so that even if they only release a big raid every 2 months, make all raid/good gear like heirlooms based on paragon level, so your gear is always improving as well (for pvp it would scale everything down to 90 and no paragon or only x level)

    Like maybe say level 90 and paragon 50 takes a very long time lots of xp and lots of other factors to get to, i mean sure eventually there is a cap even to paragon levels, but now you are 90 and Paragon 50, those extra 50 "levels" gain you stats, bonuses, rewards and access to stuff

    then make everything you do in the game give you paragon xp, crafting (with a re-haul to the system), raiding, pvp, questing, everything so no matter what you do in game you are progressing your character...the entire length of the expansion...not just the first 2 weeks, and after that its just all raiding and getting gear....make progression an ON-GOING process, casuals will never run out of things to do, and neither will hard-cores

    Also make paragon xp scale/be account wide, as long as your alt is say 90 they gain all or % of your paragon xp, so your alts don't fall behind. Can level on any toon and progress your alts as well.

    you could cap the xp per week if need be to stop people from thinking they NEED to get to the end of the paragon system or to quickly, balance it so that you are always moving but the further you go the harder it is to get the next, but never hitting a full stop completely.

    Make the last few levels extremely hard and daunting, that only a few will ever get to, imagine having it where only a handful reach paragon 50, but anything past 40 is meant to be the real challenge, and the rewards aren't better, you only do it for the prestige and getting there

    the other way to do leveling is the way DDO does it and split every level into 4 halves, each half gives you stuff/stats but gets harder so instead of 10 levels, effectively you have 40, and it takes a way longer time to get there than it currently does, so leveling continues on with you throughout the entire expansion, if you choose to (with catch up stuff for alts)


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    That's basically what the endgame already is.

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