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    Dear Blizzard,

    It's that time of the month again, several days of laughter and tears, with blood in the southern parts every couple of hours.

    Of course I'm talking about the Darkmoon Fair.

    The fair is an excellent place with challenges and sights to behold and good times to be had by all. Battles and animals and shooting games. Oh my indeed.

    But this isn't the case for a leveling character, I'm afraid. The games are fun, yes. We can't do battle, but we accept that as well. But there is one thing that needs to happen.

    The carousel. Please don't misunderstand, the 10% bonus is terrific and it certainly helps in a lot of respects, but the fact that the hour long buff does not last through death makes us(me) chained to this whirling wheel of torture, slaves to it's melodic charm.

    While this, in itself, is not terrible(the wait time for dungeons through most pre-80 levels isn't terrible, same for BGs), the melody is what is killing all us players(me). It's not listed in the 'music' category, instead it's part of 'game sounds', so turning off the game music doesn't prevent the music from playing. And playing. And playing. And playing, etc etc, until we(I) beg for death.

    If the buff persisted through death, it would be easier to handle. Instead I find myself popping out of a dungeon after a bad pull for 'just a quick whirl', or abandoning some quest time for a quick run(port, since i'm leveling a mage) to my capital city for a port to the fair and around we go again. Granted this is harder for the classes that cannot port easily, but we're talking about me here.

    Now the argument can be made, "Well, if we're going to give you a buff, the least you can do is suffer through a minute of music." and this is not an unreasonable position. Except when we are chained to this merry-go-round-of-Doom(tm), it's more than 'just a minute'.

    I understand that the developers cannot, and will not, change this. They will not give us mere leveling mortals the ability to break our chains, but I feel we deserve something. For our time. For our sanity.

    And this brings me to my original point.

    This past week, I have found myself humming. In the car, in the shower, at work, while eating, and most disturbing: while riding the merry go round. I hum the soft, haunting melody of the carousel. It surely is driving me insane, and not at a slow pace either.

    In an effort to prevent a lawsuit for pain and suffering, I am willing to accept a custom title, "The Hummer" as a settlement.

    Thank you for your time, my imaginary lawyers wait anxiously.

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    I agree the buff is a bit of an annoyance due to not persisting through death, but you'd be better putting this on the official forums, where you have a better chance of Blizzard seeing it

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    Doesnt the hat buff last thru death? ive never noticed the music from it but i dont have my games sounds up high. ambiance is my highest one
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    or you could a hat that gives same exp buff?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bluesftw View Post
    or you could a hat that gives same exp buff?
    If all the problems in the world could be solved with a hat, I wouldn't ever get a personal title, now would I?

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    Yeah, deathclaw killed me in Silithius and now I have to go all the way back :/ You can get the hats but they're expensive

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    Without discussing that which isn't allowed to be discuss... some people don't have a carousel, so if there's complaints about it I'd happily take it off your hands? (Though I do understand the annoyance of wasted buffs.)

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