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    Would it upset you if LFR went away? Why or why not?

    Would it bother you? Yes or no and Why.

    Some day's I'd say no it wouldn't. There are moments when I miss the way progression use to be. There are also days when I love it, more so than not. Why? Because my schedule is normally very hectic and changing and as I get older (have kids,work, sports with kids etc) a raiding schedule of any type is almost impossible.

    How about you?

    (I predict that as much as people dislike LFR more would want it to stay than go away)
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    I wish that all threads that are somehow related to LFR being removed went away. It's just so shockingly stupid.

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    Yes, because it would mean I couldn't see raid content at my convenience anymore and Blizzard was catering to a bunch of whiny crybabies who base their self-esteem on not letting others see 'their' content.

    But seeing as that will never happen and I'll enjoy their QQ for years to come, it's not something to be concerned about.

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    What does LFR have to do with the way progression used to be? How does it affect progression?
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    Yes, I'd be disappointed. Why would I want less content?

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    Considering it's the only way I see raid content, yeah, I wouldn't like that.

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    The anti-Ghostcrawler poll showed 80% community support for Ghostcrawler, and now the anti-LFR poll shows 80% support for LFR. The people who hate LFR (and Ghostcrawler) complain way too much. And 80% support for both Ghostcrawler and for LFR is on a community forum where both get savaged daily by haters of both.

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    I run a roleplay guild. I don't have the time to organize raids as well, and there wouldn't be enough days in the week. LFR is great for me. I like LFR a lot.

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    LFR needs to be abolished. Pugs need to be viable again.

    That is all. The casual carebears will be here soon to tell you LFR is the greatest thing ever.

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    Theres no option for ecstatic.

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    No flex sounds exactly like what lfr should have been. LFR just produces afk scum.

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    No as there are more things in the game that just LFR and WoWs past shows that. Not everyone cares about raiding. LFR is responsible for the lack of five mans and making five mans a tiny blip in PVE. I like five mans so likely a win for me. If I wanted to see raids then I would jump in a PuG or see it when it gets trivialized which is a comparable experience to LFR.
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    Yeah, it's the only way I have time to get VP anymore, and one of the few reasons I still play.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ro9ue View Post
    Considering it's the only way I see raid content, yeah, I wouldn't like that.
    Quote Originally Posted by Caerule View Post
    I run a roleplay guild. I don't have the time to organize raids as well, and there wouldn't be enough days in the week. LFR is great for me. I like LFR a lot.
    Same as these, basically. It's exactly what I want from the game and the day it was added meant I could see the content of the raids, the lore and stuff without having to join a raiding guild and spend four hours wiping on a single HC boss. I used to have that kind of time, but not anymore and I imagine much of the older playerbase is in the same position.

    I would much rather run parts of LFR, do some standard PvE out in the world and roleplay with my guild than dedicate an entire evening every couple of days to killing bosses.

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    Normally I would have voted yes, but to be quite honest, I'm so tired of people pissing on each other over lfr yes and lfr no, and all the other petty stuff, I just stopped logging in. Nothin to do anyways, taken it as far as I can this patch.
    So in the mean time I've been catching up on gw2 and swotar, b/c gw2 I own, so it's free now, and interesting to me, and swotar is starwars-wow, though I have to say it feels very one player, though it's an mmo. Still, it's fun in the 'something a little different from wow' section of my gaming life.
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    Well as a PvPer LFR is where I go to see raids.

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    LFR makes a joke of this game and the lore characters in the raids.

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    no, i whouldnt miss it, neither whould i miss vp items.. i much prefer spending vp on upgrading gear then buying it.

    pugging last teir normal modes whould be a welcome change for alt progression.
    and with challengemodes and hc scenario dropping the insanely overpowered gear it does atm i dont see why any1 whould miss lfr.. its obsolete content tbh... even more so in next patch when flexmode comes out.

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    No, I just wouldn't "raid" pretty much ever. And I would be online fewer hours per week. As long as there were other semi-interesting things to do I would remain subscribed.

    If you think that's good for the game, that's exactly what removing LFR would mean for most players.

    Note that this doesn't mean "OMG I would have to start raiding for real" because for many real-world reasons that will never happen.

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    No, it wouldn't. But I really don't care, it doesn't negatively impact my gameplay experience at all, so it staying there really isn't a problem at all to me.

    It's entirely optional, I don't really do it. Maybe once a week on one of my six 90s. Sometimes I do it on all my characters, depends on my mood. I wouldn't be sad if it were gone, but I don't care that it exists.

    I'm sure LFR isn't going anywhere though, so it hardly matters.

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