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    What do you look for in a new recruit?

    When you recruit a new raider, what are the key things you are looking for on their first few raids?

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    Dependability, the ability to learn quickly and effectively, previous experience, and drive for becoming better.

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    attendance, ability to follow basic english instructions, professions, gear level, previous raid experience, effort put into character (i.e. I'd take a person in lfr gear that has good professions, who has taken the effort to upgrade all their gear, then say a mage with mining and 522 ilvl)

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    How much they try.
    If they haven't raided before i don't mind some deaths. If they're not satisfied with their own perfermance after dying, and such i'm happy.
    If they ask about things they don't understand :P

    People that try usually becomes better. It's the one that just die and sit in the corner without doing much, that is useless.
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    Attendance, punctuality, reliability, able to follow instructions and take constructive criticism, learn fights and adapt to our raid's strategies quickly, friendly, sociable (but not annoying), desire to improve themselves and take responsibility for their mistakes. They need to mesh well with the personality of our raid group- I like someone who isn't afraid to talk occasionally in vent and crack a joke, as long as they aren't disruptive and can focus up when it's needed.

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    Attendance, knowledge of their Class or Specialization, the ability to listen to simple instructions, goals that coincide with the guild's, and a team oriented attitude.

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    Attendance is a definite must when we look I look at new recruits. We only raid three days a week, for three hours a day, so my guild prefers that our members have close to perfect attendance. Another important factor I like to look at, is how well this person is working together with the rest of the raid. Does he synch together decently with everyone else? Is he only focused on his numbers, and not his survivability? One of the worst things I find in new recruits, is when we get someone that only wants to push high DPS to rank, but still takes massive damage from mechanics.

    On that note, I prefer that they have very good spatial awareness. It's okay if they're taking some damage from abilities, but if they're constantly getting hit, it's definitely grounds for replacement. Above all, I really do like our recruits to be social, have a sense of humor, and to be fun. It's even better if they like to play games outside of Warcraft with the guild, but obviously not required.

    Finally, someone that can take criticism. I'm not going to tear someone a new butthole, just because they mess up, but I do like it if they can take a bit of advice, or tips.
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    As most people have mentioned, attendance is probably the most important, no point being the best player in the world if you're never there. Second they need to be a decent person and fit the group. I've noticed if everyone in the group gets along you're a lot more likely to stick it out through rough times in tiers, the moment there's a bit of tension between people and you're wiping a lot on a progression boss things can go downhill quickly. And then the obvious stuff, having a mic and using it is also a must have. Then I look for how good they are as a player, first and foremost is if they can follow instructions easily and secondly then the basic stuff.

    So after all that, usually in my recruitment, skill level is lower down on the list, but still obviously are pretty big thing to have.

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    1. Attendance.
    2. Guild hopping is a no go (loyalty is big)
    3. Able to follow basic instructions (don't cheese, stick to strategy, don't fix what isn't broke and such)
    4. Knowledge of raiding mechanics (basically raiding history)
    5. "skill" in form of knowing what to hit and what not to hit as healer/dps/tank.
    6. Being up to date on tactics to all the bosses that the guild is doing, or at least having the decency to watch kill videos (ours preferably)
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